Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday desperately wanting to be Friday

I realize it's a short week this week but this morning I woke up, realized it was Thursday and hit the snooze button. My motivation to get up is non-existent, I think a lot of it has to do with adjusting to darkness again as the days get shorter.

The seminar/talk I went to last night was about a life balance. The speaker had an awesome sense of humour and used to be a personal trainer. She didn't say anything new but I still enjoyed it. There having a nutritionist at there next talk. I'm going to try to get an invite to that one.

I've retired my lululemon bag for now and flipped back to my MEC backpack for the gym, it's far easier to carry all the stuff I need for the day in something that can be carried on two shoulders as opposed to being slung on one. This is especially wise if it were to snow on the way home, better traction when body weight is equally distributed. It hasn't snowed here yet which is good because I still need a winter coat. I have my sporty Columbia one but I need a dressier "not look like I'm headed for the hills" type of coat. I do love this backpack and it's myriad of pockets and places to attach things, though I'm not a so sure on what attaches to some spots.

I watched the Oprah with Jessica Seinfeld last night. It was quite interesting about the veggie purees hidden in food. The cookbook is called Deceptively Delicious and she does things like beet puree in chocolate cake or chicken nuggets made with broccoli puree and flax seed. While I don't need to hide vegetables from myself I think it's a neat way to get more in my diet. She also had chocolate chip cookies with whole chickpeas in them. They taste tested with a bunch of 1st and 2nd graders and everything went over really well.

I also watched Big Shots on the pvr last night. I don't know about this show. While I absolutely adore Michael Vartan (formerly of Alias), the show feels like a male version of Sex in the City. It's seems like Dylan McDermott plays the Samantha like character and Michael plays the Charlotte like character. I might give it another try but so far I'm not a fan.

Can I say how much I love the PVR, you can zip through commericals super fast.

Hitting the gym today and then I must go home and bake.
Have a great Thursday everybody!

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CaRoLyN said...

I'm jealous! I want a PVR!

Thanks for the e-mail, we're all up to date now except for Week #3!

It's Friday!!