Friday, October 19, 2007

Act like a duck

Pottery painting was a load of fun yesterday. Only 5 of us wound up going but a good time was had by all. I painted a square rice bowl with stripes of very light pink, purple, orange and blue. I painted the inside green and then speckeled the outside with yellow. I then used puffy paint to draw stick figures doing yoga poses. I will post a picture when I get back which should be early next week.

I wound up stopping a DQ for dinner and controlled myself but still had a hamburger (no fries just a simple hamburger) and surprise I was down .5 this morning. The body is a very weird thing. I'm seriously looking forward to starting a new week tomorrow and I will be buying a new 3mth tracker to celebrate that. I'm wiping the slate clean and focussing forward...act like a duck and just let it roll off.

I have a serious amount of school work to do on the weekend. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and I'll also be hunting down a proper dressy winter coat. It was a bit chilly this morning and I realized fleece will only get me so far.

I got my Cuisnart Griddler today from the airmiles I redeemed, I'm trying to think of what I can make with it tonight...

I have no idea what I'll see on the scale tomorrow, but I do know this - working out will be a priority next week as will be tracking...everything. This week was better but still not what I want to see.

I signed up for the Resolution Run on Dec. 31st, it's 8K and I want to run it. So that's about 11 weeks to get in gear. I'm quite pleased with myself that I just signed up and ran with it. Now I'm really hoping it won't be stupid cold.

Random thoughts week food plans I need me some accountability. This weekend, hopefully, talking blog. Send me positive techology vibes.

Have a groovy Friday!

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Living to Feel Good said...

Good for you for signing up on that run. What a PERFECT day to do it!! I think that's really cool!!

I'm jealous you got a cuisinart griddler. :)