Tuesday, October 16, 2007

7203 - That's crazy

This blog has been looked at 7203 times, that blows me away. It always makes you wonder about who stops by. Do they think you're an idiot, that you're insightful, that you're boring, that you're witty or a bit of all mixed together.

I'm a total lurker myself, not that I intentionally lurk it's just sometimes I don't have anything to say or someone else has summed it up beautifully. I usually read all my blogs via bloglines so sometimes it's just not having the time to go to the blog and comment. I do read your blogs every day and feel your pain when things aren't going well and celebrate your victories when things go right.

I still have the talking blog in the back of my head, I had a technology issue that I'm still trying to figure out. On that note, isn't scheduling hard? Like trying to schedule an hour to hit the gym or workout when it feels like a bazillion things are on your plate. You'd probably make yourself a priority if you made the effort but it's still hard. Speaking of...I forgot I had to bake a cake tonight so no gym as I won't have time before hip hop.

I don't think I'll continue with hip hop once this class is finished. While it is fun, it's not a consistent workout and the late hours are totally killing me. By the time 9pm rolls around I want to be in pjs but instead I'm trucking to class. I'm not totally decided on that as I don't know the times for next semester but it's a thought.

Alright not a ton to talk about today but who knows what tomorrow will bring.



CaRoLyN said...

I don't blame you about the late night class. That is WAY too late! I am on the couch in my PJs by 9 every night!

Alea said...

Hi there, I'm one of those who stops by quite often... Like you, I don't always leave comments because I either don't have enough time or not much to say. :)

Oh, and I can definitely understand you about the late class... Sometimes I'm already in bed by this time!