Sunday, October 28, 2007

Starting from the beginning...again

I knew I would see a gain at WI, I could just feel it. It could because of TOM and retaining water or it could just be me realizing that I haven't been giving my A game.
So when I walked up to the scale I asked my meeting leader for a new weight tracker. I had two spots left in the old one but I wanted an official fresh start. I also bought a new 3mth tracker and I'm going back to basics.

I've had enough of my lethargic attitude to getting serious about getting healthy. I want to be safely at goal by my birthday June 3. I know I could do it sooner but I mean at goal and finished maintenance.

I'm not beating myself over what may seem like failure. Failure is not falling down and getting up, failure is falling down and staying down.

I am up to good things like starting to run and embracing healthy cooking. I know I have the support of all of you who are trying do this as well. I have no doubt we can do this. The lessons need to be learned and it doesn't matter how long it takes but more that it sticks with you and you make a lifestyle change not follow a diet.

Here is to the first step of a journey and there's no looking back.

Have a fantastic day my friends and let's look forward to our victories this week.

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Ann said...

What a great attitude for you to have. I know you can do it.