Friday, October 12, 2007

Challenge on top of Challenge

My office mates and I have started a 10lb by Christmas challenge on top of the one I'm doing with my blog friends. We're all feeling lethargic and can feel the winter lull coming. We officially start on Monday and I'm bringing my scale and a measuring tape on Monday. So far we have 5 people and we thought about opening it up to the whole staff but I think I'd rather keep it among us. I find the bigger things get the more complicated they get and you lose the inspiration and get more competitive.

I'm feeling a general feeling of blah lately. Not depression more "whatever" kind of mood. Motivation is so-so, house work is adding up, the paper I need to write has yet to be started. It's just like feeling greyish fuzzy if that makes any sense, sort of out of focus. I know I can shake it and that's my plan this weekend. I just want to be sorted. Get the paper finished, clean my house, rake the leaves and have a food plan and exercise plan for next week. I need order.
The other thing that sort of irritated me today was when someone reveals that they lost a lot of weight, someone inevitably asks - How long did it take?. I find the question irritating, probably because I've been on this weighloss journey for a long time and feel like I'm moving at snails pace. I also feel for the person on the other end of that question. Who cares how long it took? The fact that should be celebrated is that they accomplished it. This attitude is probably also due to my feeling of denouement but still I don't think I'd ask that.
Went home with a splitting headache yesterday so I didn't go to the gym. It was also my Mom's birthday, she passed away almost 5 years ago but it still sorts of hits you. I suppose that's contributing to my general blahness.
Tonight I'm going straight home to get a rough copy done on my paper and a bit of tidying up is on the agenda. Saturday I'm off the Rocky Mountain Food and Wine fest in the late afternoon. Sunday we're supposed to be 17 degrees so I'm raking the lawn and planting tulips.
Here's to the ability to always start a fresh. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

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