Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I am a total geek - may the force be with me

After realizing I had forgotton my cousin's birthday I quickly zipped off an email apologizing and promising that I would send a parcel by Friday. My cousin lives in Germany.

I then started thinking about Germany and thoughts turned to my German Harry Potter books and that I was now missing some of the newer books. I wandered over to the german version of Amazon. All the Amazon sites are interrelated to a certain extent. My email and password works on the Canadian and American site as well as the German site. Well I totally forgot that I had created a wish list on the German site. So what do I do...I ordered the Star Wars DVD and Harry Potter DVD set in German. I didn't order books because I couldn't remember what books I was missing.

I just kept going with the process waiting for it to stop me because I'm ordering from Canada. It never did and it sent me an email confirmation. It's shipped by DHL which is an international shipper so we shall see if I get a "shipped" email. I'm so excited though! I told my friend 'A' about it and the first thing she says is "How many copies of the Star Wars movies do you have now?".

O.K I have a few, but don't blame me. Blame the marketing gurus who keep revamping things. I have two sets of vhs and two sets of dvds. But the German ones don't count I tell her, because that's to help my German. Watching movies in German force me to understand normal conversational speed as opposed to any language learning material....I give a good arguement don't I?

It's official I'm going to Vegas in September so I really shouldn't be buying anything frivolous at any rate.

Yesterday I went out to dinner where I didn't behave at all. They were all healthier options but combined not so healthy. However today is a different story I have 10pts remaining and I'm heading out for a healthy dinner and then off to see Hairspray. Vegas is definitely adding extra incentive to stay focused.
I shall report back tomorrow with my progress of finishing out the day OP.
May the force be with you :)


The Glitterati said...

What? You mean I DID have a friend that would have voluntarily seen Hairspray with me??? And I missed my chance? NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Oh well, hope you had fun, tell me how it was! :D

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Glitterati - I would so go see it again...You can't stop the beat! It's totally worth seeing a second time. We'll make plans when you're home.


CaRoLyN said...

Yay! Your going to Vegas!! Good choice! Can't wait to hear all about it!
You speak German? Go you! That is amazing!