Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Goals and random musings

I went to VHQ last night and found the Rome dvds I was looking for. One guy told me it was $17.50 for 4 dvds, yet I was charged full price. I will phone today to mention that.

Once again searched for Coffee Crisp singles, but they still don't have them.

It was 6 degrees at 5:30am...fall is coming.

Going to my friend's book club this evening, we're discussing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Tomorrow getting hair cut, I coloured it dark brown because I was getting tired of fading red tones. It will probably fade out to reddish but that's alright.

So I was thinking about my goals and rewards. I can't think too far ahead as the things I covet change. So I'll start at the begining. When I hit 168 (5ish pounds from now), I'll buy the Smashbox lipstick in Eden.
I know for goal I'll treat myself to a spa day.

I apologize for the rambling, my life has been a bit chaotic recently and I'm trying to get focused.

I hope everyone has a super fabulous day!

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Sonya said...

Hey Cowgirl,

It's been ages since I've visited you - I hope you're doing well.:-)

Let me know when you find these coffee crisp singles, okay?

And yet another thing we have in common - I too, am a Corrie addict. My hubby managed to download a bunch of "future" episodes, so I'm about a month ahead now. Gooood stuff coming.