Sunday, August 26, 2007

The start of a 10 day vacation

I'm including weekends in that of course. The mission for this week is to take care of all those projects that I've some how avoided doing on weekends.

Well Saturday I went to WI up 0.2, which is o.k. I actually didn't want to go as I felt the past week was a total disaster. The topic of the meeting was quite good for me. All about how long do you think it will take to lose the weight. I know my answer is when I'm ready. I've often thought of dates that I thought I could be at goal by and I've never reached that goal. So now my theory is take it one day at a time. Focus on making healthy decisions every day and not worry about a month from now or a year from now. I will get to goal and when I do I'll now that I learned every lesson and will stay at goal weight. So it's one weigh in at a time for me.

The challenge this week is having access to a fridge 24/7 put I have my tracker on my coffee table and have successfully planned two days so far. Again...taking it one day at a time.

I also used a fantastic gift certificate and Cookbook Co. on Saturday, that my friend A gave me for Christmas. I picked up two books by Julie Van Rosendal called One Smart Cookie and Grazings. All the recipes are favourites with less fat and less calories while no sacrificing taste and every recipe has full NI details.

Today I tackled the first and probably biggest of my avoidable tasks and that was cleaning out the spare bedroom in the basement. This room became the place where things with no home began to live...old kitchen chairs and just a whack of junk pretty much. I would just keep the door closed and avoid it. Well what felt like a bazillion bags of garbage up the stairs and out the door later the room is 98% complete. There's nothing on the floor, the only thing I need to do is vacuum and make the beds. I need to pick up some pillows first and paper towel to clean the window. I tell you one thing it was a pretty good workout.

The great thing about getting that done today is nothing else on my list was as daunting. Now I'm quite proud of myself.

Other things on my list:
Reorganize my kitchen cupboards
Organize the linen closet
Go through my closet and be viscious in purging anything that no longer works ignoring sentimental emotions.
Go through my desk and also purge anything that is not currently useful or being used.

Also at some point this week I will make a few dishes to freeze into individual servings for lunches and quick suppers.

My Dad is coming in on Wednesday to help me paint window frames which is also on the list.

The beauty of this week though is back to work on the 4th and then off to Vegas on the 7th.

I found out that we don't have VIP anything for Vegas, we're simply on the guest list for this club, which means we may get a bit further ahead in line but we still pay cover and are still at the mercy of the bouncers. So the chances of getting in are still slim, which suits me fine. The most fun thing to do in Vegas is people watch at any rate. Plus with the MTV video awards going on that weekend hopefully they'll be some celebs walking about. More likely people talking about celebs they spotted, but that works too.

I'm already thinking of packing one day and one night look for each day in Vegas, so I don't pack what I don't need...which I typically do. This time out I'll also have to pack a whack of product for the hair and the makeup. I'm going to pull out the arsenal and look smashing every night. In the past when I went to Vegas I'd just schlep around in t-shirts and shorts the whole time. I will take pictures I promise.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Jodi said...

Man your life sounds so interesting-- VIP, clubs, MTV awards... i am going to name you my new "living vicariously thru you" friend!-- do you mind? lol What do you do (if i may ask) that you get to do such cool stuff?! I am a farming wife in MANITOBA!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

The cool stuff anybody can do, anyone can buy a VIP pass if you've got the money. The club thing is iffy, one has to get in first and I think Vegas will be pretty busy that weekend.
I'm not going to the MTV awards they're just happening that weekend, I thought we were pretty lucky to get hotel rooms.
I lead a fairly boring me.