Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oy Vey...

I'll be happy when I finish Rome Season 2 because than I focus on other things. The problem with renting dvds and my adoration of this series is I feel I need to watch them right away so I can return them. Well my little Roman holiday has completely interrupted my work outs. I get home, flop on the couch and start watching this series. I realize that if I was truly dedicated I would make the time, obviously my dedication is somewhat lacking.

Food wise has been pretty pathetic too, at least I'm tracking it all. The problem-office snacking. The nut man came buy the other day and I bought salted sunflower seeds and chocolate covered pretzels. I've been snacking on the sunflower seeds continually for 2 days, they're now in the garbage. The chocolate covered pretzels are still sealed and my co worker who comes back from 3 weeks vacation on Monday will find them on her desk with a note that says welcome back.

The light at the end of tunnel hit me in Walmart yesterday. I was staring at the new Brain Age 2 game and then realized you can't have this until you've earned it. I had to rethink this goal list thing, I need the prize to be something I really really want. Like when you're a kid at Christmas and this thing is at the top of the list for Santa. The game is $20, I could definitely think of things more expensive but that can wait for down the road. My goal list will consist of completely frivolous items that I would traditionally purchase without even thinking of it, the list will also be flexible so new items could be added in place of existing.

So here's my plan:
170-Brain Age 2
165-Picross Game
160-Nintendo ds browser

I have next week off which will also help as I can get activity in at any time of day and build a pattern so I can keep momentum. The running will start up again this weekend. I find the c25k podcasts kind of irritating music wise so I took out a few books from the library to come up with my own training plan. I also need to pick a race, there's a 10k in October not sure I'll be at that level by then but there's races all the time in this city. I'll be keeping my eye out for one that takes place in about 16 weeks. I think I'll only rent dvds on the weekend from now on, it will be easier on my bank account too.

This Christina Aguilera at LAX while I'm in Vegas is worrying me a little. We didn't get a lot of details on this $600 VIP table thing but I've been doing some research and I think this could wind up costing a lot. In Vegas there's this think called "bottle service" I'm not 100% sure how it works but the jist is you pay for a VIP pass and then you get a table but your expected to buy a certain amount of alcohol. The average seems to be a $375 bottle of some sort of spirit for every 3 people. Add in the cover charge $20, add in the tipping of the hostess, bartender and whoever else helps you and this looks like it would be really expensive. Not to mention it's like they let anyone in. This is a new club on the weekend of the MTV Video music awards, unless you look like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan, or dress the part - I don't think your getting in. Even $120.00 just to walk in is starting to seem a little ridiculous to spend the evening with expensive drinks and super skinny 20 year olds. Instead of even stressing about it, I'd rather just go check out the hermitage guggenheim at the Venetian or sit in one of the casino floor bars that don't have cover charges and just people watch. Not to mention that my income is probably half of some the other people's income, I could use that $120.00 for other things.

I've been to Vegas numerous times and can easily occupy my self. I've also taken out a few current Vegas travel guides to look up some options...what can I say I'm a planner.

Anybody know more about what's involved with a VIP table or have you ever had the "bottle service" experience?


Jodi said...

what a great idea with the completely frivolous items!!! I think i am going to start the same for me! Maybe i can brek this plateau!

OH! BTW i like you blog! I found it thru someone elses... do u mind!?

The Glitterati said...

We had bottle service at Lawyer's grad. Or, rather, we crashed a table that had bottle service. I guess you pay for a whole bottle of vodka, or whatever, and they bring a bunch of mixes (juices, soda, etc) to your table. 1 bottle for 3 ppl seems a bit much to me, I think we had like 5 or 6 people. But seeing that I didn't pay for anything, I can't really offer much help.

The whole concert/new club thing sounds kinda stressful to me. It's like New Years... the fancier and more extravagant the party, the riskier it is in terms of actually having a good time. I'd rather just go see a normal show, then get loopy on yummy drinks at a nice-but-low-key place (hint: this is what we could do if/when you're in Toronto!! :D) That said, seeing Christina in concert would be awesome... I'm sure you'll look super fab in whatever you end up wearing!

Hey, what week of C25K are you at? I forgot to leave you those downloads last time, but I can just stick 'em on a spare memory key and mail it out to you if you still want them. I can send you an email about it once I am back home. I am so so so off-track with all the traveling and moving, but my Aunt's condo has a gym, so I think I'll be hitting up some treadmills soon. It's way too hot and muggy to run outside here.

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Glitterati- The memory key would be great, I need to start over with the C25K and the podcast techno is driving me bonkers, your version would much appreciated.

Jodi-The beautiful thing about this blog's universe is finding people thru other people. I don't mind at all.