Monday, August 20, 2007

Rollercoaster ride when getting back on track

Saturday's street hockey was a bit of a disaster as only 3 teams showed up. However the strong organizer's of the group who were left out of this time round have now taken control for next year. Food wise on Saturday was also a bit of a disaster but no biggy - it's only one day.

I was up .8 at WI, but alot of that had to do with wearing jeans as I couldn't wear my normal weigh in uniform due to the street hockey business.

Cleaned out the fridge and bought only healthy stuff on my grocery shopping expidition on Sunday. Bought a new tracker but decided to use the rest of the old one as I still had 9 weeks worth of space, however I've folded the page between last week and this week to indicate a definitive break between past behaviour and now.

Finished season 1 of Rome and bought the cd of the music today. The style of this show is phenomenal. Tried to start season 2 but alas they were taken out. Returned dvds at VHQ and they were closed due to "technical difficulties". Hmm, considering I only ever see one person working at a time I'm wondering if it's more staff related then technology. I also rented The Queen and Hot Fuzz and really enjoyed both.

Got my seaon 2 of Namaste yoga today and I'm so excited but I've been lax in my yoga practice so I feel I should start again wit season 1 and work my way up again.

Been thinking alot about what the heck to wear going clubbing in Vegas. The plan now is to go to a brand new club at Luxor the night that Christina Aguilera is performing. Someone had a contact there and the table has been reserved. I've got time but I don't think I own anything appropriate at the moment.

Apart from all that I need to swing by blockbuster to return dvds and water flowers this evening and squeeze in a workout in there too.

I hope everyone has a groovy day and until tomorrow


jodi said...

i remember the days of 'dressing-up' for clubs - then again, the clubs i went too - baggy jeans and tank tops were the style (rave)... god, i'm old... anyway, i think if you had a cool pair of black pants and some sort of flowy-wraparound-belted shirt, you'd be good to go... :o)

Stephanie Schwartz said...

Christina Aguilera?...**GASP**..If ya happen to see her have a good chuckle and remember how I only used to sing the background vocals to her songs while cleaning shelves Sunday morning. It think it went something like this. "Yeah Yeah"...pause... "Yeah Yeah"...pause, and so on and so forth.

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Jodi - Thanks for the suggestion, that's a classic ensemble that would work.

Stephanie-It's too funny, I read your comment and it took me straight back to those Sundays, especially how enthusiastically you'd say "yeah...yeah" :)

Bi0nicw0man said...

Hey, I just discovered you today! Hope you'll come check out my blog too! Not all WW related lately, but I try to mix it up. :)