Monday, August 13, 2007

Random musings from my brain

Alright, got a few things on my mind - some frivoulous and some more serious

I just read that the girl who won "The Search for the next Pussycat Doll" chose not to join the group but go out on her own. Apparently she landed the gig of being the face of a new line of clothes that P.Diddy is putting out. Fine, that's great exposure as a model. I totally feel for the girls who came in 2nd, 3rd and 4th. I was rooting for Chelsea during that series and somehow I don't think she's jump ship. It drives be bananas when people enter these contests beating out thousands of people and then toss it away.

I read on the WW boards that coffee crisp singles have been sighted. That made my day, I love coffee crisp and never have it anymore because it's such a giant chocolate bar.

When I have a minute this afternoon I'm going to write out a goal list for every 5 pound loss. I stayed the same this week, which I'm really happy about but I need to focus on the losing not the maintaining.

I think my motivation is returning, I'll consider my little break a time to regroup and remember why I'm on this journey.

Here's an offbeat question for you all. I got to thinking about all the romance reality shows on the bus this morning. If you've found your soulmate/partner, how did you know they were "The one"?

Hope everyone has a groovy day!


The Glitterati said...

Because he gave me the 3rd red rose, of course! Everyone knows that the first rose goes to the *ahem* free-spirited *ahem* girl, and the 2nd rose goes to the girl that makes good tv. The 3rd rose is the real deal!

But seriously? Ok, I'm going to get sappy here, blame the late hour and airplane air. IMO, you know when you can't put any guards up. Even if you think/know that they might break your heart in the future, even if you know it will devastate you, you can't help but give yourself 100%.

Or when the thought of kissing someone else -- even that really cute tall blond someone else at the copy shop who gave you 2 pages of free printing this morning -- makes you feel slightly nauseous. :)

And re: PCD -- yeesh. Can't say I'm surprised, I thought she'd be too much of a diva to handle being 5th fiddle. But yeah, I think Melissa R or Chealsea would've at least stuck it out for a year or something.

CaRoLyN said...

I can't believe that Asia didn't stay with the group. That is insane. After all the work those girls went through to get to the end and she didn't even stick it out?? I was routing for Chelsea too.
As far as finding the one. I have the most incredible husband I could ever ask for but when someone asks me how I knew he was the one...I'm always speechless. There wasn't any one event or moment when I had that "aha" moment and I knew he was the one. I just felt it. I've always felt it and I still feel it every single moment that I am with him.

Sonya said...

Good question! You know what it all boils down to? Gut instinct. I know it sounds soooo ridiculous, but you really just "know". You can envision the future, you don't feel scared, and there are absolutely no reservations.