Saturday, October 06, 2012

Dusting off cobwebs

Well not actual cobwebs.

It was a drive by weigh in today as I opted for a bit more sleep I weighed in at the later meeting, saw that it was a sub-leader so just weighed in and left. I had a serious to do list to get done to today.

The weigh in was no change I stayed exactly the same which I'm not surprised about as I wasn't tracking while I was in Canmore. That started again today as I made the commitment to get right back on track.

I desperately needed to vacuum and dust today hence my cobweb title but that had more to it then just housecleaning. I needed to get organized and it is also a representation of where my head is at.

I still find myself thinking back to 9  FitBloggin over and over again. I know I can be at goal by FitBloggin 2013. I'm not setting that date as a goal I just know that in that time frame it's very do-able.

What I have weighing on my mind is my yearly physical on Nov 3rd. I didn't want to be at this weight and I recently discovered a bump under my the left side of rib cage which I want to discuss. I'm leaving it for the appointment as scheduling an additional appointment is an exercise in extreme patience. I found it after a nap on the coach. I'm not freaking out as I find as I get older my body is changing. Nothing hurts and nothing out of the usual is happening. I did learn the lesson from my skin cancer scare years ago that it's best to ask if your unsure about anything. I was incredibly lucky to have found that an early stage.

I also signed up for two more races. I signed up for the The Brita Resolution 5k on December 31st a few weeks ago as I've spent the last few years spending New Years Eve on my own (by choice) so why not do something other then watch movies on the tv and still be home before all the drunk crazy people.

I'm still committed to signing up for regular races as I find my focus is better if I'm training for something. Today I signed up for the Hypothermic Half on Feb 9. Really hoping we have a chinook that Saturday as temperatures in February can be chilly.

On the race side I'm now sorted until May.

This week I'll be weighing in at noon on Friday as Friday night I'm heading to the Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival with some friends. I'm looking forward to that as you find new restaurants and get introduced to new things around the city. I'm going to take pictures and share it with you.

Tomorrow is LSD day and I have 9 miles to do. My clothes are organized and the Garmin is charged. I'm going to try something different. So far for the long days I've carried my hydration pack with Nuun tablets in the water. Last Sunday I hit a wall at 6 miles. Tomorrow I'll just carry water in the hydration pack and take Cliff Shot Blocks with me. I'm wondering if it was a fuel issue. I'll be back tomorrow and let you know how that worked.

Hope you had a great Saturday,



Enz said...

Resolution Run!!!! I didn't register yet but most likely will. 9 miles!!! You are incredible. I have no interest beyond 10k and its taking all of my willpower to stick with that.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed you didn't post a gain after a girls' weekend. That in itself is a major victory! Good for you!

I did a 5K on 12/31 last year and it was really, really fun. I plan on doing it again this year. I think you'll really enjoy it!

You have so much going on and travel so much....really enjoying living vicariously through your posts!