Sunday, October 07, 2012

Rest Day

In my infinite wisdom I set my alarm for 7pm today as opposed to 7am. I did get up around 7:30am, I felt off. I felt like I was coming down with something so after much deliberation I decided to make it a rest day. I was sneezing and felt a little stuffed up.

I am going back to work tomorrow and want to avoid being sick in camp at all costs. I don't like not feeling well away from home and while I do have a fair amount of creature comforts in my camp room I don't have everything.

The other reason not to be sick at camp is it can then spread like wildfire to other people. I do feel better now so I think I'm good.

My half marathon training plan this time around has been a mismatch of a few plans. I am following Jeff Galloway's plan and he has 3 designed for the Disney Wine and Dine. At first was going to follow the one to beat a time goal. I then realized that it was more like I was starting over so I looked at that just want to finish upright and smiling, then I looked at if you haven't run in 6 months. After Tinkerbell I didn't keep the training up and my 3rd attempt at doing C25K stopped. I really should have been focusing on like I'm training for the first one again.

What I've been doing up till now is adding 1 mile each LSD run day. I re-consulted the beginner training plan and it was supposed to be 4 miles today, I can do that tomorrow on the treadmill and still retain the week. Now next Sunday will be my longest distance to date followed by 4 miles and so on.

I think I have my costume for the Halloween Howl somewhat sorted. I ordered a Batman t-shirt and black tulle yesterday. I'm thinking a sort of Batgirl. I'll do something with the t-shirt over a black tech shirt and have a black tutu on top of black bottoms. It's a 5K and the costume parts will be easy to take off if I want to run any errands afterwards.

That's all I got today, I do hope all my fellow Canadians are enjoying their Thanksgiving.


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Enz said...

Happy Thanksgiving.