Friday, October 19, 2012

All Good

Thanks so much for the comments of concern, the ankle is fine. Whatever it was just a twinge nothing serious and I find myself really looking forward to my long run this week.

This week has been nuts, I had a pretty big to do list and it just kept growing. By the end of my week I managed to get the big stuff done now it's on to the little and new stuff.

Bit of a different week next week as I need to be in Fort McMurray for two days to go to a training. At least this time I can be prepared and pack an overnight bag with workout clothes. The only room I could get was the Super 8 but it's newly renovated and has a gym.

Today I had to head downtown to get some assistance as I have to help prepare a rather important presentation and my excel skills are good but not fantastic.

The funny part is my company just launched Microsoft 2010, before that we used Microsoft 2003 - yeah not exactly cutting edge in that area but it is quite different so they've been offering training. I signed up for everything except word as I think I got that covered.

I thought I was going to an Outlook training but it wound up being Advanced Excel - well that was serendipity or what. Now I feel a bit more equipped to create a kick ass chart.

After a consultation with some very smart co-workers I have an even better idea of what I want to do, I then had some errands to run.

I picked up my race pack at the Running Room for the Halloween Howl 5K but now I'm questioning if I'm going to do it. Due to all the running around I didn't got weigh in today so I need to go tomorrow which causes a wrinkle in my plan. I pledged to not miss weigh in unless it's absolutely unavoidable. This a fun run, no timing chip plus the weather isn't supposed to be so great with rain/snow. The route to weigh in and back is 5K so I think this is will be a donation to the Diabetes Society instead. I might keep the tutu for Wine and Dine. I now have a Halloween costume if I should ever need one.

I did pick up some stuff at the Running Room, I needed a new jacket. Now I've had a few versions of this jacket in the past but it finally comes with pockets which I always wished they had.

I got the purple one :) I also got a pair of pants that will be a bit warmer with cooler temperatures and it has a purple zipper pocket on the leg. Have I told you I have a thing for purple?

I've been on the look out for sports headphones especially after my ear stuff. I wanted something sweat proof and cleanable.

I saw these and thought I'd give them a try. I remember seeing them at the Tinkerbell Race Expo. I'll be testing them out tomorrow.

I got the details for Wine and Dine today just a few more weeks till I jet off to Orlando.

I then headed to the downtown mall as I wanted to get some "corporate" work tops as I haven't had new stuff in a very long time.

I took a side trip and walked through the renovated Devonian Gardens, I use to love this place when I worked in the mall. It's a spot of outside on the 3rd floor of a building in the downtown core. An entire hectare of plants and fish ponds, great place to eat your lunch. They also have an indoor playground so perfect for the kiddies. It's a nice revamp as it was originally built in 1977.

Funnily enough I always pictured myself getting married in this park, should that ever be in the cards.

I used to love to feed the fishies ever since I was a little kid as they would have a little thing that you could put a quarter in and get a handful of fish food. I hope they do that again.

Now I'm also a huge fan of Halloween and unfortunately I'll miss out on handing out candy as I'll be at work. However I've compensated.

I found these plastic skull goblets at Walmart so turned them into candy dishes for my coworkers.

I walked by these guys today and couldn't decide on one so they're all going to work on Monday. I think they're so adorable.

On the weigh in front, I tracked really well for the first 3 days then fell off. I lost the battle but not the war, next week I'm shooting for at least 4 days to get myself back to tracking every day. Food wise it's been a pretty good week so we shall see what the scale says tomorrow.

On the bus to downtown today I got ideas for a new run route that takes me into the neighborhood next door so perhaps I'll expand my run route this weekend. I'm also going to create a new run playlist to liven things up a little.

I so hope you all had a great week.


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