Sunday, October 14, 2012

Not exactly as planned but it's the olympics of life

My half marathon training plan said 12.5 miles today and I headed out with good intentions. I had my hydration pack and packed a couple of GUs and had the playlist ready to go.

After a mile and half my right knee and shin started to feel off so I stopped the run intervals and just walked to see how it went and by mile 4 it didn't seem right so I decided to stop. I have one day less one month until my half marathon and I decided to listen to my body. I can still make next weekend a long run still be on track.

I came across two blog posts over the past few days that reminded me of something I wrote about a few months ago. Now at the time I was writing about how inspiring the Olympics are but I said something that does tend to pop into my head on a regular basis - Training for the Olympics of Life.

The first blog I came across came courtesy of the fabulous Mizfit, allow me to take a direct quote from her post titled Life Is My Sport - I encourage you to read the entire post if you haven't already seen it:

"This is my end goal.  Life is my competition. I get up, I do it as best I can, I go to bed and I get it and do it AGAIN the next day there seems to be a level of disinterest (brands/strangers) or disappointment (family/friends).
As if committing to daily, lifelong competition is not in and of itself a goal.
As if choosing to get on this healthy path and not git off isnt freakin hard and exhausting‘enough’ or impressive."
So this post started the wheels turning in my head. I then came across a post by SkinnyEmmie, she too  referenced the amazing post my MizFit and writes about "This is about life"

I am training for the Olympics of life, there is no finish line and no end goal. I know how dangerous I can be when I don't pay attention to eating right and being active. I never want to go back to 200lbs. I never will go back to 200lbs.

So I don't feel bad about 4 miles, I got up and moved and my day is tracked. It's the little things that add up. I didn't become overweight overnight and I'm not going to be at goal weight overnight. Once I get to goal weight it doesn't stop there either it keeps going.

So I'm going to just keep going.

Enjoy your Sunday,



Enz said...

I hope you're ok!

mostlyforward said...

Good attitude and perspective. Thanks for the pick me up! I hope your ankle is ok. Let us know!

mostlyforward said...

Good attitude and perspective. Thanks for the pick me up! I hope your ankle is ok. Let us know!

Kim said...

Hope it is ok