Friday, October 05, 2012

Girls Mid-week Weekend

Well Hello,

Came back from the beautiful Canmore, Alberta today and finally have a chance to blog. My friend and I found we had the same days off as we both work a Mon - Thurs schedule and had to take Tuesday off to go to the concert we opted to take an extra two and head out of town before all the Thanksgiving travelers started out of the city. Canadian Thanksgiving is this Monday Oct 8 so it's not uncommon for people to head out on Friday.

We started with the Carrie Underwood concert on Tuesday.

I didn't realize I had club seats

My friends L and K bought tickets for themselves and P and T by joining the fan club, but I think I wound up with better seats.

Those are my two friends, two more friends were coming but there flight got seriously delayed due to fog leaving site and they got there just in time for Carrie. Due to all the lights during the show all my IPhone pictures turned out horrible.

It was a really good concerts, she sang all the songs I knew plus a few I didn't. I bailed right before the encore as I knew it'd be a zoo and I wanted to find a cab.

Then on Wednesday my friend P and I headed one hour outside of Calgary to the gorgeous town of Canmore. We stayed at the Silver Creek Lodge. It's a nice place, not super new and a wee worn but it had everything we needed. We had a two bedroom suite complete with full kitchen.

 The kitchen came with everything we could possible need, we were only staying two nights but good to know if we ever track out there for longer.

This was my room.

The above was the view from our balcony, pretty nice huh?

 On Thursday we had booked spa packages which had a 60min massage, mani and pedi. Major bonus the spa was in the hotel. I have come to the conclusion I should go for a massage more often. I carry all of my tension in my upper back and wowsers I almost jumped off the table when the massage therapist worked on that part. I was sore in areas I didn't expect like my right forearm but I guess it makes sense. I'm right handed and spend a lot of time on a computer. My calves were tight too but my right calf more so then the left. They told us we should go again in a few weeks so the benefits can continue and be maintained. I rarely go so the muscles never have an opportunity to truly benefit.

I wound up buying the the nail color they put on my toes, it was this cool purple. Not like any other purple I've seen.

Now I was surprised to find the hotel fitness center had no treadmill. I have never seen that before. So we pretty much just relaxed for two days but I think we both needed that.

On the drive home we say a grizzly bear making his way down the side of a hill.

But mini vacation is over and I'm heading to weigh in tomorrow. I'm thinking about coming straight home afterwards as I have a whack of housework to do as it's been sorely neglected lately. Sunday is run day. I think I'm going to hire someone to clean out my eaves troughs and rake my leaves as I seem to not have the time to do it.

Any ways I do hope you all have had a great few days.


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