Saturday, October 13, 2012

Le sigh

This might be a wee bit of a rambling post as I haven't blogged since Monday so I thought I'd warn you in advance.

This past week has been stressful. I thought I had an ear infection and tales from others told me they take a long time to get rid of and of course my thoughts kept going to the Disney Wine and Dine in 4 weeks so I was a little freaked out.

I'm getting my 4th boss in 4 years shortly, mind you the last one has been for almost 2 but they've now moved on to another role in the company.

This week I had my first face to face meeting with my new boss and I've quickly come to the realization she will be the complete and polar opposite to my old boss. This is isn't a bad thing just very very very different. I have a feeling a whole lot is going to change. Mind you I'll probably only be supporting the business unit I have now for one more year at most so change is inevitable.

When I'm stressed my tracking becomes non existent. I can have the habit of worrying about things that are beyond my control so I have to remember to let it go.

I flew home a little earlier on Wednesday so I could go to a walk in clinic to figure out what was going on with the ear.

I got in pretty quick so that was good. I've never had an ear infection so I have no clue what the symptoms are. The Doctor started to ask me questions - any ringing in the ear, fever, sweating? I answered no to all of them. Then she took a look and my left ear had a whole lot of wax in it.

I immediately felt like I was 104 and thought how can that be I practice good hygiene, like you should see my skin care steps, so I asked her what does one do to avoid it. She said she's seen 5 year old kids with the same thing. It doesn't matter how old you are, what sex, what height or what weight it's completely random and every body is different.

So she recommended I use something to soften the wax for 4 days and can go back and get it cleared by them.

I knew I had some stuff at home that actually removes the wax that my Dad recommended I haven't used it. I've diligently used it twice a day and I'm on day 3. Today I can hear normally so I don't think I'll go back to the walk in. I have my regular physical with my normal Doctor on Nov. 2 and we'll see what he says.

That has me a wee stressed to as my last visit we talked about weight and today I find myself with more of it then 1.5 years ago when I last had a physical.

Yesterday I went to the noon WW meeting as I was heading to the Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Fest last night. The whole point of going to something like this is try new things and I wasn't sure how late I'd be. I was up .6

I'm now torn. I really like the leader at the Friday noon meetings, Barb is hysterical and knows her members by name and the meeting had a good vibe with lots of interaction.

I like the Saturday meetings because it's first thing in the morning and while I like the leader a bit more I still don't really relate to her and find her style more like school teacher but noon is kind of an awkward time. I'll figure it out week by week. This Friday I did sleep in so noon wasn't so bad. What I really need to decide is who do I think will best help my journey.

The Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Fest was a lot of fun. The 3 friends I went with had never been before so I'm really glad they had a good time. It was busy.

It's like a convention of loads of local restaurants sampling their dishes not to mention a load of wine sellers, beer sellers and spirit sellers. My advice was to go early as later on it would be a zoo, at this point it was starting to be zoo-ish.

The highlight for me were the home made perogies from a store not so far from my house and a chocolate cake flavored vodka that smelled and tasted like chocolate cake. Not sure what you would use it for other then drinking it straight up or in some sort of dessert.

Today I got most of what I need for my Halloween Howl 5K costume. I'll post more about that later.

So this week the goals are simple back to basics.

Completely random, I decided to rent Rock of Ages tonight and I'm thinking I need this a run playlist. I'm surprised how many lyrics I know. It's a fun movie.

Hope all of you are doing well.


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