Sunday, September 02, 2012

Long Slow Day

Today was my LSD run, long slow day run/walk. Now I knew it might be a wee difficult as my last run was one week ago.

The goal today was 6 miles. It was perfect weather, not too hot and fall in the air. I love fall.

I started out with 1.5min run/1.5min walk, now that's a new interval that I should have started on Tuesday last week. It was kind of silly to start that on LSD day but I did 3 intervals of that and then dropped to 1 min run/ 2 min walk. I kept that up for 4 miles then walked the last 2.

I kept thinking if I'd only kept up better with the training I would not be so misreable right now. I was out with my hydration pack today (last time I used it was for the Honolulu Marathon a loonngg time ago) as I wanted to see if I liked that better then the bottles around my waist/hips (which sometimes feels like I'm running with an inner tube). That did add little weight to my back and again it was the first run in a week so I don't know why I thought it should be better. I snapped out of the negative thoughts and focused on what can I do now to make this better going forward. After all it was long slow day the goal was to hit the distance which I did.

A huge component is to keep up in the training and another huge component is to be lighter. I set a loafty goal for myself of losing 10lbs by Oct. 6 and another 10lbs by Nov.10. Now FitBloggin is in there but at least that's a trip that will factor in some workouts i.e. zumba, crossfit, jump start, 5K. It is technically do-able.

I didn't wake up too sore from my foray into weight training yesterday but I have a sneaky suspicion I'll be more sore tomorrow. As soon as I finish typing this I'm headed to a hot bath with epsom salts.

Here is today's deets:
6.10 miles/ 1:28:02/932 calories burned/163-183 HR

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.


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Enz said...

Your times are not terrible considering your lack of training. Just keep at it.