Friday, September 14, 2012

Time flies at supersonic speed

This week flew by as I was super busy. So I apologize in advance that this might be a long post.

I was a bit behind having spent Thursday and Monday working in Calgary as I was helping out in interviews.

That is probably what I miss most about having been a recruiter. It's always interesting to hear people's histories and aspirations.

At any rate once I got back to site I thoroughly went through my blackberry and created a monster to do list. I got through most of the priority stuff by Thursday. It was a long week. Working in an operational environment usually means late meetings, it's not uncommon to have a regular meeting that starts at 6pm.

Every quarter we have communication sessions which I get to hear 9 times in all. Once when it's actually presented by the big wigs, and then 8 more times with each of the 8 crews. Pretty much by the end I have it memorized. It's never boring though as everyone asks different questions. When the presenters change I'm there to help them out.

So this week was definitely long and once again workouts suffered, I definitely need a better plan. Working 12hr to 13hr days wipes me out by night time and adding morning workouts takes the will of Superman when it seems like you just fell asleep.

At the end of day it has to be priority. It's now less then a week to Fitbloggin and one thing I'm hoping to get out of the experience is some inspiration. I'm starting to get super geeked and a wee nervous. I'm an introvert by nature, yes I need to be a bit of an extrovert for my job. I can be extroverted when I'm comfortable but in new situations I definitely lean to introvert, I guess it's good thing I'm a Gemini.

Now I quite found of The Shopping Channel which is the Canadian version of QVC, I blame it on being  on a fly in/ fly out work schedule. No malls in the far north.

Well the other day I saw Lug featured. I had no idea they were a Canadian company anyway they were featuring quite the deal of pack of 5 different bags and they had purple. I love purple so I figured with the Fitbloggin trip plus Disney World in November so this struck me as a good idea and it was really good deal.

Well they came today, yahoo so they can come to Fitbloggin.

First of the Taxicab Full tote. I love bag with billions of pockets as I love my bags to be organized. On the back there's a strap so it can hook onto a luggage handle, not to mention an insulated pocket for a water bottle. It also has a removable mirror and coin pouch. It has a water repellent coating. Pretty nice carry on me thinks. It also has a plastic bottom kind of awesome if you put in on the floor. The other thing I like is pockets are big enough for boarding passes while being secure and easy to access.

Next up the Wings Day bag. This one also has loads of pockets and a shoulder strap. It has a nice front pocket and hidden water bottle pocket. What I like about this it's a messenger bag that will fit my Ipad, not to mention a few other things.

Now we have the Somersault shoulder pouch, I put in front of the Wings bag to show the size difference. Again easy access pockets and just the right room for essentials when you don't want to carry a lot.

This pack also came with some accessories.

The Canoe Brush holder, what I love about this is it stands up too, so perfect for a bathroom vanity and enough pockets for make up brushes plus you can put make-up in there too.

What had me at hello was the Clipper flat iron case, you can put a hot flat iron in this thing. Insert angelic music here. I can't even say the number of time I've gotten ready and tried fanning the flat iron so I could pack it or using at night so it's cool to pack in the morning. The other bonus that velcro strap in the front keeps the cord organized.

Last up the wallet, it has a whack of card pockets. Which sometimes I find a challenge with everything having some sort of customer card.

I've never been to their website but know I know they some pretty cool stuff especially for travel and at two planes a week I travel a lot.

I'm coveting this:

It's a travel pillow and blanket, there's an inflatable pillow and blanket inside, and then you put into the case and cozy up with the blanket.

Speaking of travel, I need to pack for Fitbloggin this weekend. On Monday I fly to work, on Tuesday I fly home, on Wednesday I have an all day meeting in Calgary and then on Thursday it's off to Baltimore and I have a super early flight.

Now in current news a friend from the past has resurfaced, well I wouldn't call it friendship exactly it bordered more on frenemies. We met in junior high and at the time there were 3 of us but only two were friends at any given time. Someone was always on the outs for some reason or another after all we were teenagers. Flash forward to University, we went to different schools. I think I stuck with this friendship for that long out of loyalty but I can't say there were too many wins for me. I always got unsolicited advice and if I politely declined this advice it made her mad. Now what confused me is I believed she would be there if the sh*& ever hit the fan. She always thought she was better then me in every aspect of life and admitted that to me point blank. I finally concluded this was toxic and I didn't need that in my life so contact dropped off and then she left for a job somewhere else.

Well she's back and I got the shock of a lifetime when she called me at work almost a month ago. Now it was asking me about what it's like to work a fly in fly out job. So I answered her questions but other than that didn't say too much. It was then followed by an email how it was so nice to talk to me and it was like picking up where the friendship left off. I didn't respond.

Tonight I had a message from her. It was to say hi and see what I was up to this weekend.

I'm torn, I don't need a toxic influence in my life, now of course people change but do they change that much? I need to think about this. I do have a busy weekend as I'm going to housewarming tomorrow and then Sundays are always an early night due to flying out in the wee hours of Monday.

Have you had frenemies in your life?

Hope you had a good Friday.


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Anonymous said...

I'm very envious of your amazing bags. I had no time and am bringing the equivalent of a Hefty trash bag on the plane. :-/

I'm just relieved you didn't write that your frenemy was coming to #fitbloggin! You don't want that!!