Saturday, September 22, 2012

Best day ever - FitBloggin 12

My friends, today made the entire 2 planes, 7.5hrs and 3194 KM (1984.6 miles) journey worth it.

Today there was a discussion about having a lot to lose. Now I consider my blessed that I realized I had to do something before I got into 3 digits of weight loss but needing to lose 69lbs got close enough.

Amazing people shared their lives, struggles & stories. I was so moved, inspired and in awe.

I've been very blessed in my life that I never had to deal with abuse, drug addiction or alcoholism in my family.

My parents did the best job they could, they were iffy on good nutrition but my parents had me much later in life. Both of them lived through WW2 so their food issues were based on never knowing where your next meal was coming from. I have never blamed them for thinking a bowl of whipped cream was an acceptable snack or the mandate to clean ones plate whether you were hungry or not. Yes my father has called me fat but I know it came from a place of concern and that was a very long time ago.

It was the day I realized I was 204lbs that hit me like a ton of bricks. I remember walking into my first WW meeting & thinking it would go something like - "Hello my name is Sylvia and I'm fat". Of course it was nothing like that. I 100% believe in WW I know it's a plan that works for me. Well it works for me when I follow it. I followed all the way to 168 and then I freaked out and now find myself back in the 180s. What I realize is I haven't learned all the lessons I need.

I absolutely believe one needs to find the plan that works for you.

What I have learned is comparing myself to others is not productive. Everyone's journey is different and the vitally important part is you are not alone.

So many brave people spoke today who write blogs like Fat Girls Can Run, Fat Girl VS World, All The Weigh, Simplifying Sam, Coffee Cake and Cardio and Redstar 5 They absolutely floored me with their honesty and bravery to share. I think I had an aha moment from all of them. They inspired more people to speak and I really felt the sense of community. I knew I wasn't alone in my battles to lose weight. The other thing that I felt was I can do this.

The reason I felt so compelled to write tonight is just to say you are not alone.

Big massive giant hug.


midwestgirlinct said...

So great to meet you at Fitbloggin, and I completely agree with you. That workshop was what made the weekend for me. That, and meeting such great people. Thanks for putting it all down into glad we got to connect this weekend!

Anonymous said...

So totally agree....that workshop was just everything about the conference summed up into a few hours. The connection, the stories, the people. We all have something to share about the journey. So glad you convinced me that was the session to go to! Also very glad we connected and spent some time together this weekend. Thank you for being you!

Patty said...

The self-acceptance session was incredible...I'm still being touched by post written by bloggers inspired in that moment. It's very powerful.