Sunday, September 09, 2012

Beast mode

I went to WI yesterday and stayed the same which I was expecting. I tracked up till Monday and then nada. I have no excuse, my tracker was on desk right in front of my nose all week. I just didn't treat it like a priority.

As I was sitting there waiting for the meeting to start and sipping my Starbucks I overheard these two women talking. One said coming back to WW was like AA after the summer and the other said she was so impressed when people hit goal in the summer. Yes summer can be a season of distraction.  What is it about fall that makes us all go back to school in some way. I'm not talking about formal school but even when the leader started to talk we talked about getting back to basics. I love fall, this is what I have on my office door, took this picture on Wednesday.

She talked about going back to "school" and encouraged us to read over the material again and then she showed us this:

Ladder of Achievement
100% - I did
90% - I will
80%- I can
70%- I think I can
60%- I might
50%- I think I might
40%- What should I do?
30%- I wish I could
20%- I don't know how
10%- I can't

Now this is the leader that I've always been a little iffy about as she quotes a lot of Dr. Oz but she's starting to grow on me. She asked us where we thought we were on the ladder. I put myself at 70%. She then said anyone at 70% or higher had a good chance of succeeding. It's all about working my way up that ladder and putting more faith in myself.

After weigh in I went to the gym, this was my activity for the day:
30min walk to WW and the gym
30 min walk on treadmill waiting for Zumba to start
45min Zumba
20min of Cardio HIIT class, there was 10 more minutes to go but that class killed me and I decided to save some energy for Iron Reps.
60 min of Iron Reps (not so wise to do this two days in a row as my muscles fatigued in record time)
30 min walk home from the gym

I earned a ginormous of activity points. I decided today would be a rest day even though I should have done 7 miles today. Rest is also important.

The rescheduling of some of those classes makes me realize I need to change my routine a bit. I'm not ready for that Cardio HIIT class even the instructor described it as more for the intermediate to advanced athlete. Plus that much time in the gym not so great the day before my long run days.

I love Zumba so that stays and maybe I'll stick to Iron Reps on Friday. I watched that last few minutes of the step class right before Zumba and might give that a try next week.

Today has been housework day, laundry, watering the lawn, dishes, dusting and etc.

Tomorrow I work in Calgary again and then fly up to site in the evening. The good part about that is I don't need to be up at 3:30am. This time I'm going to take an earlier bus to avoid the crowd I ran into on Thursday.

10 days to Fitbloggin....I'm totally getting nervous. Plus my schedule is whacked. I'll have to pack next weekend as I fly to work the Monday before back on the Tuesday, all day meeting on the Wednesday and then off to Baltimore via Toronto. That's a 6am flight to Toronto...oy vey.

However now I wind down, pack my work bag and review some WW stuff and off to a new week.

Hope your Sunday was wonderful.


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MeltingLisa said...

Just wondering do you just track your activity points and not use them? Or do you use them?

Great activity day for you!