Sunday, September 30, 2012

Operation Enough resurrected and more FitBloggin

Well hello my friends,

I returned to my WW meeting yesterday, my last weigh in was Sept.8th, whoa time goes fast. I do have a very bad habit of avoiding weigh in if things aren't going my way and there was one week I failed to set the alarm. I do realize hiding from the scale doesn't help me. So right here and right now I vow to not miss a weigh in unless absolutely necessary and never because I just want to avoid the number.

Avoiding the number never ever works and I pulled up my big girl pants and went. I was up 5lbs, it's a product of my actions. I will not look back only forward. I know what I need to do.

Right now the only weigh in that I might not make is when I go to Orlando for the half marathon, I will  hunt down a WW center in Orlando but I'm hoping it's not a mega huge cab fare from Disney World. Don't suppose anyone knows of a WW location close to Disney World?

A while back I created Operation Enough, it was around going to Vegas, my birthday and a numerous other events. Today I resurrected two things Operation Enough 2 and my half marathon training.

Operation Enough is a spreadsheet essentially, I love data and way back when I first started WW I tracked everything not just points. I tracked activity, percentages lost, daily weigh in (which work for me not for everybody). I cleaned up the spreadsheet making sure it went to Dec 31. It helped me track trends and look back at what works. I did buy a new 3 month tracker yesterday and Day 1 is tracked.

On the half marathon training front my last tracked run was Sept. 2 that was my last LSD (long slow) run. Yeah, I fell off the wagon on that one. Not sure what happened but I know I failed at scheduling my life. A combination of long days and a wee bit of a stress didn't help. I now have 6 weeks till the race and focus must be amplified.

Today was 8 miles on the training plan, last long day was 6 miles. I felt strong through the first 6 miles and thought I was doing really well but then I hit a monster hill and had no energy left in the engine. My neighbourhood is full of inclines and I had conquered a few already. I did commit to 8 miles and I did 8 miles. The weird part I was faster then Sept. 2.

Sept. 2 was 6 miles at a pace of 14:26/mi, today I did 8 miles at a pace of 14:21/mi. Yeah me!

I found this in the hotel gift shop in Baltimore. I have a thing for keys and that word believe is so important. The mini cards I took to FitBloggin have a key design, my goal is the key they give you at WW for goal and I fully intend to buy myself a Tiffany key when I hit goal as a constant reminder and prize. The key above is now on my key chain. Keys open doors and open hearts.

That leads me to the last of my FitBloggin pictures, I can't write a final FitBloggin recap as that experience is so much more and it lives with me every day. I just want to introduce you to some folks  you may already know but if you don't you should.

This is the amazing Kenlie of All The Weigh, when she spoke during the discussion Lots To Lose, she had me in tears. She has such a beautiful soul. She also posts a Friend Making Monday questionnaire that I admit I've never taken part in but I always read everyone else's. Perhaps tomorrow will be my first attempt.

This is Krystle of Skinny Jean Dreams, I was hugely inspired by her WW journey. What surprised me even more was she was surprised I read her blog as I guess she doesn't post there as often as before. At any rate she will remain in my RSS reader as she continues to be an inspiration.

This is Sue of Mrs Fatass, and she celebrated her birthday at FitBloggin. Last year she attended the Zumba class and it inspired her to be become a Zumba instructor - like how cool is that? She taught the class we did. OMG she's amazing so much fun and had over a 100 of us shaking hips and doing our thing. When I started to freak out about going to FitBloggin she was one of the first to reach out on twitter to tell me it would be amazing. She was right.

This is Samantha of Simplifying Sam, she co-taught the Zumba class and this girl has moves. I always think I look like a drunk interpretive dancer while doing Zumba. I want to learn to move like her. She is also a complete sweet heart. Wish I had more opportunity to get to know her so I do hope she goes to FitBloggin 13 in Portland.

This is Emilie of Skinnyemmie, she taught a session on "Using social media to drive blog traffic".  My blog has always been for me and if you enjoy it bonus. I've never wanted to use it to make money as I don't want to write to please people just write about my perception of my universe and hopefully find friends along the way. She's a genius. I do love data and the stuff she told us about had me intrigued. Check out the live blog recap.

Baltimore's Inner Harbor is beautiful, it was an amazing location, I took this from the window next to the elevator.

I have a thing for submarines, starting from book and movie The Hunt for Red October so I was thrilled to see one docked.
These are paddle boats you can rent, they just made me smile as I immediately thought of Ogopogo, the mystical creature in Kelown, it's like North America's Loch Ness Monster.

I just loved the whole area being from land locked province the harbor was beautiful.

So my schedule this week is a little whacked. I fly to work and back on Monday. Tuesday is an all day meeting in Calgary and then the Carrie Underwood concert. Wednesday to Friday I'm heading to Canmore for a girls weekend. The plan is to relax, look at mountains and a spa day.

This is where we're staying, how gorgeous is that?

Now the friend I'm going with isn't so focused on a fitness lifestyle. I completely respect that as it's to each our own. We've already determined there will be snacks. That might be a bit of a challenge for me as I can be lead astray. The room we have has a kitchenette so I will focus on healthy snacks and keep looking at my believe key. I will pack gym clothes as the resort has a gym. I can do this.

Alright I leave you with this as my alarm is going off at 3:30am.



Enz said...

It's so good to see you motivated again:)

Carla Birnberg said...

you nailed it when you said FITBLOGGIN LIVES WITH YOU EVERY DAY.