Thursday, July 31, 2008


Got home last night and my thoughts were consumed by pizza, however I made the spaghetti squash just as I said I would.

I then had a snack pack pudding (planned) and copious amounts of whip cream (not planned)from the can. Had I stopped at the pudding all would be good. Well actually it's still could I still had flex points to cover the damage of the whip cream. What I find interesting is pin pointing the reasons for going astray. It could have been related to not getting the job but honestly I'm not sad about that as something could happen in the future. Perhaps it was due to mid week.

I picked up the whip cream when I stopped at Mac's to pick up milk, at the time I thought it was a sign. Yeah right...

I'm not beating myself up about it as I said it's still within the plan. From now until Friday I have 5 flexpoints left and have so far earned 15 activity points. Not a shabby week no matter how I look at it. My crowning glory is this is snackapalooza week. I've kept it together. Go me!

Maybe snackapalooza made me get the whip cream....

I heard today that the new Biggest Loser starts Sept. 16 and will feature families. Teams will be two people from a family and must be over 18 yrs of age. I kind of miss the two team format they started with.

Slice (Canadian channel) is airing the first season of Biggest Loser and I stumbled across it the other day. Remember when it came out? There was much brouhaha about it being a money fueled weightloss contest but look at what it's become. There's all versions of Biggest Loser themed contests everywhere.

I really think they should do a Biggest Loser Canada. Every other country seems to have one. Maybe we could get Bob and Jillian like Australia did. I can dream...

Alright my friends, that's it for today.


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Phoenixrising said...

:) Found your blog on a link from Health Habits! Great blog, and YES I agree, Biggest Loser Canada would be AWESOME!!!