Friday, July 25, 2008

Beached whale

At least that's what I feel like. I'm feeling like I'm walking around with a whole lot of blubber. The vacation is over my friends. My willy wallyness and so-so effort has run it's course. Strangely I mean it this time. My unhappiness with my weight is in my control and no one else's.

Today is C's last day so we went to Wendy's for lunch and I said to her that I need to refocus and she said that with her gone that might be easier. Sadly she's right, it's not that I don't have will power but she's pretty good at leading me astray.

I've been avoiding the scale and I'll face my demons tomorrow morning at WI. Starting a week from now I'll have guaranteed exercise for 4 days out of the week with boot camp and yoga, but I'm going to get started with that a little sooner. Hopefully 7 weeks will set a habit. I actually picked up some inspirational smiley face stickers yesterday that say things like good effort and way to go. They shall go on to the calendar for everyday I exercise.

At Walmart last night I bought two different anti itch sticks, an anibacterial cream and hydro-cortison cream for my strange patch of redness on my thigh. Well the swelling is gone and the redness is easing plus it's not itchy. I think the hydro-cortison cream worked the best. Note to self - create a first aid kit not a medicine cabinet full of odds and ends.

I'm now thinking I will not have an answer from giant oil company this week as I strongly suspect they have the day off today.

So my weekend is focusing on getting me healthy.

Have a great weekend my friends!

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