Wednesday, July 02, 2008

First real day of the week

It was back to the usual schedule this morning as it is the first true work day of the week. All the regulars were on the bus this morning and all the regulars were in the office this morning.

Before leaving this morning I sat down and wrote down all the food I've consumed over the last few days...oy vey I need to get my act together. It's snackapalooza week too so diligence must be strong.

Due to the fact that I didn't get a whole lot done on the weekend I'm trying to do a few things each night so I don't feel overwhelmed this coming weekend. Laundry and organizing my closet was last night. Tonight I'm thinking dust and vacuum.

I still haven't made the turkey meatloaf as it was just too damn hot, but tonight should be cooler so I should do that.

Have any of you been watching The Batchelorette - I admit it's silly but now that we're at the end I'm really curious who she'll pick. I'm a bit surprised that Jessie has made it this far. I'm really rooting for Jason.

The Bravo series Workout premiers on Slice tonight. They're on their 3rd season in the U.S and we're starting at the beginning. It airs right after X-Weighted tonight.

X-Weighted is looking for families for the next season, they have an open call at the Talisman Centre on July 11 and 12. Check for details.

Have a fab day!

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Fatinah said...

I've got the dvr set already for Workout and X-weighted. I really wanted to try to get on Last 10 pound boot camp - but you have to live in the lower main land! I think a family show on x-weighted would be fun to watch! We don't watch the batchelorette, but are deep into the Mole....