Thursday, July 24, 2008

Truckin' On

I didn't wind up going to the grocery store yesterday as I met H for coffee and then a falafel after work. By the time we were done I had no desire to go to a grocery store. Tonight I absolutely must as these brownies need to be made.

When I got home yesterday I noticed a red spot on my thigh that looked raised and bigger than a mosquito bite. I noticed it when I started scratching. I have no idea what's it's from but I'm thinking it's a bite from something. The people at work think maybe a spider, that just grosses me out. I circled it with a sharpie so I can tell if it gets bigger. It doesn't appear to be getting bigger and calming down a bit. I'll pick up some Cortison cream on the way home as well.

The day before yesterday I was looking all over the house for my ww tracker, I couldn't find it and then when having coffee with H I found it in my backpack. I burst out laughing when I found it. But with 2 days to weigh in, I'm not too concerned with writing things down as I'll be treating Saturday like day one anyway.

I'm starting to think of all the things I need to do this weekend and it makes me tired. I need to write them down and then feel a sense of accomplishment as I check things off.

I need to create a workout schedule and make a date with myself to get this done. It's far too easy to hit the couch when I get home and stay there until bed time.

Still have not heard boo from giant O&G company. She said she'd get back to me this week but earlier she had said they were in process of moving somethings around so there's a chance I won't hear by this week. I'm getting to the point where I just want to know either way so I can make plans to go on with my life. I'm so hoping it's a "you're hired" answer....of course :)

Alright my friends, now I must go write job ads and try to stay awake.


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