Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day

Happy 141st Birthday Canada!
To my fellow Canadians enjoy your celebrations today.

I am at work, yes we're open today. The building is locked, the air conditioning is turned off and every couple of hours the lights go out. Yeah!!!

We're not alone, I saw other office people in line at Tim Horton's this morning, it was the only coffee place open on my block downtown. Some office called in a big order for breakfast sandwiches and the Tim's employees weren't happy. There were only 2 working today.

My 3 day weekend flew by and I didn't accomplish a whole lot yesterday. I had a candidate no show for a job on Monday morning, but I managed to refill that by 8am yesterday. Mowed the lawn at 8:30 and then vegged until I had to go to the library at 1pm.

It was 30 degrees for the last two days which makes me misreable. I can't stand the heat. My favourite temperature is 20.

I've got laundry waiting for me right now, I will post that Turkey meatloaf recipe in a few days.
I should water the flower beds because it's been so hot. Oy vey it's going to be long day.


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