Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So far so good...

Update: Heard from giant oil and gas company. They offered me a position in Fort McMurray. I had to say no, however they said the only reason they weren't offering me a position here was because do to recent re-shifitng they have no openings. They said I was on their list and would let me know of future positions. I hope they mean it.

In the meantime I'm in the lead in the nominations for our Employee Committee. Craziness.

The mysteries of the human body. I've started weighing myself every morning to track patterns (not obsessing about the number) and I find it perplexing how I apparently lost 2lbs in one day. It's normal to fluctuate throughout the day, I just find it funny. It's that strange formula you must find between food and exercise. Too much of either and the body doesn't necessarily respond how you want.

Yoga was good yesterday. My knees were cursing a little, not hurting just sort of saying "What the heck are you doing to us?". We sat in pidgeon pose for a long time. I don't have anything against pidgeon pose but when one dwells there for awhile it's a not so natural positon to be in.
I'm feeling it a little today.

My instructor asked for suggestion for next week and no one said a word. I'm not sure what to suggest a pose or a session focused on something. I might suggest a series of poses that would be a good whole body stretch especially after boot camp starts.

Did I tell you I went to Subway for lunch yesterday? I was very focused on not leading myself astray and have concluded the only semi points friendly place to eat at in my closest food court is Subway. I have to admit I was not so fond of Subway. When I worked in a mall, I ate there a lot and suffered Subway burn out. There wasn't a lot of selection then so it got boring. I find the toasting process improves my reaction to the sub. It's kind of sort of not version of grilled cheese.

Today I will have the ham sub again on the new bread that says it has 4g of fibre (9 grain something) and my daring choice today...sweet onion sauce.

Tonight I'll make the spaghetti squash that's lurking in my fridge which will probably take care of Thursday and Friday lunch as well. I plan to add some turkey/chicken bratwurst (2pts for 3/4 of a sausage -don't get me started on why they'd calculate the ni on 3/4 of a sausage), tomatoes, capers, a few black olives and some red onion, bit of olive olive, japanese rice vinegar and salt/pepper. I shall report back tomorrow on if that works out.

I'm going to pop in a yoga dvd tonight. I found that I slept like a baby last night and I think it had something to do with the yoga.

Alright off to focus on the day- Hugs!


Shrunk said...

OHhhhh yeah...Yoga makes me sleep like a baby too! I love that you plan your meals, and I still haven't tried spaghetti squash. I sure put that on my grocery list now so I don't forget.

Chellie has Issues said...

I just ran across your blog and see we have the same title. I applaud you for posting your body measurements. I have been writing mine down for years but the thought of posting them terrifies me. Maybe I would be liberated though. I love going to the Internet to find the fast food nutrition so I can have an idea of what I can eat. I just wish more Food Court places had them posted.

The Glitterati said...

Aw, I'm sorry you didn't get the gig. Or, rather, that you did get the gig, but couldn't take it. Def. sounds promising for the future though!

Starting out the New Year on the right foot sounds like a great goal! Lord knows I never keep any resolutions past.... oh, Jan.15th or so! :)