Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Someone actually called

No not the boy from the paper - no word on that to report.
After sending out about 10 resumes I got a call today and it was from a really really really good company. I had a bit of a phone interview made the guy laugh, signed off saying that they'll get back to me on next steps in a few days....

Aagghhhh, as a recruiter I know that if they thought I was a dork they would have said "We'll keep your resume on file for future opportunities". If they don't call me back with serious next steps then this company will be in my poo poo book.

I want flex days and flexible benefits and stock options....dang it.

I was a bit surprised to hear from these guys (big big company) because I think I'm a wee wee wee little fish. Of course I need to shake that. I'm a super star and if you don't want me to work for you then it's your loss.

So now I wait...I hate waiting.


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Anonymous said...

Oooh good luck with that!