Thursday, June 05, 2008

Day 2

On the way home yesterday I stopped by Safeway and picked up some cherries and a lemon/garlic salad dressing made by Rene's....and Breyer's all natural vanilla ice cream (it was on sale).

I made an asperagus omelette with one egg and egg whites, tomatoe on the side with some salt/pepper and balsamic plus a bit of salsa. I grabbed the smallest bowl I own (pampered chef prepp bowl) and had a mini's my weakness.

Strangely the scale showed a drop of 1.5lbs this morning. My co-worker said it's water and she's probably right but I do find it funny that I drank 2.5l of water and had a sundae.

I watched X-Weighted last night and the girl was from Calgary. At one point they showed her in a boot camp and I think it's the one I'm starting in August. Whoa..this will be intense.

Had All Bran Strawberry cereal this morning as I needed a break from All Bran sticks.
For lunch I made an awesome salad - lettuce, peppers, green onions, grape tomatoes, olives, tex mex cheese and ham. I've got strawberries and cherries with me as well.
The plan for dinner is a Money's veggie burger. A whole lot of veggies and fruit today.

Alright I'm off to my former doctor to pick up my file and I get to pay $25 for it. Whoo hoo.

Until tomorrow!

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