Friday, June 27, 2008

No news yet

Alas Friday has come and gone with no news from giant oil company. No news is good news right? I suspect they had an every other Friday off today and will be closed on Monday and Tuesday for Canada Day. So I'm thinking the earliest I'll hear anything is Wednesday.

I'm off Monday but working Canada Day, I'm o.k with that long weekend for me.

My first attempt at making a Canadian Flag out of strawberries on a cake was succesful. I'm quite proud of myself as I'm typically useless at free handing maple leafs. Picture was taken with my brand new Canon Powershot SD750.

It was the last day of one of co-workers today and her request was that we all sit down for breakfast this morning. I have yet to be hungry after eating a western omelette sandwich. There was a trip to Tim's for an ice cap and then later we had the Canada cake. So it will be cereal for supper my friends.

Weigh in tomorrow morning and then a fun evening with a friend and finally the opportunity to go see Sex in the City.

Monday is the last day of my class and the day to submit our group assignment. One group member has gone M.I.A and I never got his references to add to our bibliography. Tonight the group meets online and if he isn't there we've got some decisions to make.

Have a great evening everybody!


Fatinah said...

can't wait to see the pics of the cake - sounds pretty!

have fun at the movie - hope you love it as much as I did - I can't wait to buy it!

H-woman said...

It turned out great!

H-woman said...

Check out Shrunk's blog--she's posted pics of the cakes she's been making.