Wednesday, June 11, 2008

OMG it stopped raining

For 3 minutes, it's rained every single day so far (for June) except June 5th.
My lawn has never been so green.

Had a great yoga class the other night and got info on the summer and fall session. I'm so signing up. I think the yoga will be a great help when boot camp starts too.

I've been half heartedly researching gyms. My spa lady membership ends in September and I've been maybe 10 times. I'm not crazy about getting off the bus on the way home and then back on the bus. I definitely prefer something downtown near work but of course those gyms are much pricier. Of course I could go without a gym all together and just focus on home exercise. Which is probably what I'll do while I boot camp. Who knows maybe I'll sign up for more bootcamps...stranger things have happened.

Food has been interesting thanks to feeling blechy due to cramps. It's like I feel sorry for myself which of course is incredibly stupid. So now I've started a behaviour of bad eating...oy vey.

I have a new doctor...whewf! I can't get in for a physical until Jan. 20th. Now to get to goal so my first weigh in with this dude will be fantastic. So bad eating needs to be kicked to the curb.

I need to sign up for the next set of classes for my certificate and nothing I need is completely online. I'm heading back to the classroom...oh joy. Their all evening classes and some are stupid long 6pm to 11pm. After working all day I'd be asleep at my desk by 8. One that I need is 6-8:30 on Thursdays. I can do that.

So here's my schedule in September
Mon - Boot camp
Tue- Yoga
Wed - Boot camp
Thu- Class
Fri - Boot camp
Weekend - Out cold.

I'm actually looking forward to it.

This weekend is all about planning, I need to go through my clothes, clean out my pantry and finally establish a food plan and planned exercise.

Goal by December!

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Aimee said...

Congrats on the -1.4!
Tell me more bout this bootcamp thing?
I'm thinking about letting my gym expire as well.