Monday, June 23, 2008

One more step

Big company phoned for my reference info today....
They wouldn't want to know that unless they liked me - right?

All weekend I kept daydreaming of me entering their building with my yoga mat (Bootcamp starts Aug. 4). I'm wearing their security pass and I can envision my new business card.

Now I just hope my references say nice things about me.

I must calm down, my heart was beating like crazy when I saw their number come up on call display.

Went to weigh in on Saturday to discover my ritual stop at Tim Horton's was thwarted by the fact that they are in closed down. They were stripped clean with garbage bags over the drive thru menu. I can't believe it. They are always busy.

So now I must get in the habit of leaving a wee earlier and hitting Starbucks. Not fun sitting through a meeting without my coffee.

Scale showed a 1.2 gain, not bad having not weighed in for 2 weeks. I know what needs to be done. Maybe it's a good thing that when I'm nervous I don't snack.

I'll keep you all posted.



Fatinah said...

you are so going to get that job!

Can't believe a Tim's closed down - I wonder if they were having trouble keeping staff?

The Glitterati said...

OMG squeeeee!! I'm so excited for you! I'm sure they love you, how could they not?! Am keeping fingers crossed for flex days and stock options!