Friday, June 20, 2008

Interview done

So I got there amazingly early as I was concerned about the nightmare road going in to downtown. One lane is closed on the bridge for renovation, so every morning takes a long time to get to the core.

I got downtown in 10 minutes. So I sat in giant company's atrium and waited until the appropriate time to head over to reception.

How did it go? I'm not sure. They didn't ask me one behavioural interview question because they know that as a recruiter I'd give them the textbook response. Instead they say tell us about yourself...huh? They seemed to like me, communication flowed well. I don't think it went badly. I know they're seeing other people and said they'd back to me next week for either next steps or parting of ways.

So we'll see, it's officially out of my hands...that's a bit irritating isn't it.

As I always say, what will be will be.

So now it's back to regular job, finish off my last course and keep trucking.



Fatinah said...

I hate the waiting part....

Anonymous said...

Best wishes -- hope you get it!