Saturday, March 25, 2006

Where did the time go?

So Thursday and Friday totally disappeared on me.
Thursday was a crappy work day followed by an awesome 10k walk with my friend. At one point our pace was 6min/km. To me that's smokin' fast considering that at the start of our walk we were doing 10min/km. At the start of the clinic 9min/km was our fastest speed.
Friday was crazy busy, colleague is on vacation and I got half her workload including a very high maintenance account. I have a feeling the week will be stupid crazy.

WI was up .8, not huge but still disappointing. Last week I earned 47 activity points, I'm still figuring out what to do with those. This week has proven that macaroni and cheese from Good Earth is probably not the best choice of a post workout meal and following that with a hot fudge sundae also not a stroke of brilliance.

I've been on WW long enough to know don't dwell, move on, new week and new decisions.

The breakfast pita's were pitched. I might try the muesli or flax one which had way more fibre than the Apple one. These were made by Dempster for anyone who wanted to know.

I love working out on the stability ball, it seems like playing to me but I definitely feel it the next day. Plus it keeps me interested because you do have to focus on staying on the ball at the same time as completing whatever exercise.

I'm anxiously awaiting the Biggest Loser DVD which has shipped so should be here next week. I adore Bob and he is by far my favourite trainer on that show. I wonder when the new season of teams starts?

I swear all this half marathon/marathon stuff is giving me some weird sense of purpose. Not that I have anything to complain about. I have a great job that yes can cause me to want to pull out my hair occasionally, great friends, great old but solid house. Sometimes I just feel like I'm on a hamster wheel, constantly going but not getting anywhere. I'm sure loads of people feel this way. Then all I have to do is watch the news about someone losing everything they have because of a random act of nature and then it hits home of how freakin blessed I am.

Now I find myself all of sudden thinking... I am a long distance athlete...go figure.

Tomorrow the group is switching it up. Short walk plus 1hr of pilates. I've never done an hour before, 20min with Mari Winsor sure but this will be with a live instructor....should be interesting.

To everyone who had a tough weekend food wise, the trick to getting anywhere is to move forward not backwards

Hugs to All

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Living to Feel Good said...

You'll love the BL DVD, and Bob makes it seem like he is just talking to you! It's a great one!