Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Snack attack

Don't you love it when best intentions go completely wrong.
I had planned out my dinner yesterday only to go home and decide I wanted something else. I made an egg white omelette still staying within the points I had but then I needed to have cookies (Thin Addictives 2pts for 3 and soooo good) and a sugar free jello. All in all not horrible behaviour but not what I had planned.
Last night I tried to discover why my kodak easy share dock will not transfer the pictures from my camera to my computer. I've tried everything and find it a little odd that one of the frequently asked questions on the kodak website is "Why won't my pictures transfer".
I have to find another way even if it's getting the pictures put on disk and going that route.
Tonight is the second half of Biggest Loser...I love that show. Just because of the difference in the people by the end. Sure it would be nice if all of us were sequestered on a snazzy ranch, had food provided plus a 24hr gym with hard core trainers.
What I take from that show is the frustrations of the contestants of all the things they've tried before or the triggers that cause them to fall of plan and that you're not alone in what you're feeling.
On the show's website there are quite a few people who submitted their "success pictures" and whole whack of them are following Weight Watchers. I find that incredibly inspiring.

Ordered The Biggest Loser workout and Iron Yoga off of amazon yesterday. Iron yoga is supposed to be an excellent strength and stretching workout. Also purchased a marathon training book for runners and walkers. Now let's just hope I actually use these purchases.

I've haven't budged at the last two weigh ins, which is better than gaining but still maddening.

Alright back to my day and my more diligent best intentions. Running room tonight...hill repeats. Shall report on that tomorrow :)


Michelle said...

hey jedi...just wanted to stop by and have a read...looks good!

I am also addicted to the biggest loser...and the dvd is on its way too thanks to Anne.(the workout)

Hope you have a great day!

Living to Feel Good said...

I just love the biggest loser. My husband gave me the dvd for my birthday the other day, and I told him that he could get me a session with Bob too. Hahaha I was joking though. I'd be way to shy to have him train me for a day. I love Bob though!