Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Does cold weather make you want to eat more?

So last night we did a very quick 5k around the pathways. My two friends and I lost our group to a bit of a late start leaving Running Room so we started are own way in hopes of running into the group, we never found them out on the path. While we stuck to a level path due to the 20k we did on Sunday and hill training scheduled for Wednesday plus the crappy weather. The rest of the group went off path up a massive hill. Craziness I say with all the ice patches under fresh snow.

We all connected again at coffee afterwards. Our fearless leader thought it was funny that we didn't think a hill would have been on the route due to the workout of the previous day.

OMG our discussion was about weight training with fearless leader demonstrating. If you know anything about weight training you would have laughed yourself silly because the stuff she was showing would probably result in you hitting your head with the weights. She meant well but I really hope no one tries some of the moves at home.

As we walked around the path we were all talking about the foods we've been craving all week ie. burgers, peanut buster parfaits. That made us wonder why we were all craving comfort type foods, our only common denominator was the cold weather.

Do we have some sort of lethargy that kicks in when it gets cold out?

Just thought it was interesting.

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