Monday, March 20, 2006

Up 1.4....aaaggghhhh

Alright not thrilled with Saturdays WI, even though some of it is TOM related, lack of usual activity, didn't drink as much water and complete disregard for what I was eating...though I tracked all of it. I always have a hard time the week before TOM wanting to eat everything in site and snack all the time. I can be up as much at 2lbs so maybe I had a .6 loss...can you see the justifications starting....more on that further down.

Thankfully it's a new week and I'm on plan thus far.

On Saturday I made the Better Butter Chicken (6pts) out of the Eat, Shrink and Be Merry's awesome and super easy...what more could someone ask for :) Saturdays are my high point day so I had it with some rice and veggies, but I think it would be just as good with just veggies to keep it at 6pts. Did the 25min Core Secrets workout for strenght training.

I also made the light and tangy chicken salad off of the Hellmann mayonnaise website, it's 4pts per serving and the recipe makes 6 servings. That works out to about 1/3c, so I flipped it and am having it as 4 servings for 6pts each. Having it on top of lettuce so that's my 6pt lunch. It's very tasty with grapes and mango chutney mixed in with everything else.

Sunday was a 20k walk with the group, it took us 3hrs and 15min and half the route was icy pathways under fresh snow. So considering we were at a snail's pace on those parts we made remarkably good time. Not sure what the plan is for tonight. For the discussion portion our fearless leader will be giving us a free weight demonstration.

I adore my walking group, everyone is great and super supportive. Here's the thing...the majority of the group joined for fitness reasons almost all do to the desire to lose weight. We're all noticing difference in a few people (myself included...apparently my waist appears smaller). There are a few people who are not happy that they're not seeing results. These are the same people who after an 8-10k walk will order a triple hamburger and fries.

It all comes down to justifications. I have exercised therefore I deserve a bazillion calorie meal. Even though the calories burned are a fraction of the meal about to be eaten. I've been guilty of doing this in the past as I'm sure all of us have.

It's wild how our brains work. My friend and I who are both on weightwatchers will opt for Subway or if we want a burger our whole day is planned around that and probably the day after as well. We're thinking I just got great exercise and I'm not going to waste that.

When does that light bulb happen? We all know that weight loss is calories burned vs. calories consumed. How do we stop this food as a reward thinking? When you really think about it it's amazing how many times we reward ourselves or console ourselves with food. Is the battle ever over or is it destined to be a daily fight and self dialogue of how you don't need that donut.

I think it just proves that this is a journey...a rest of your life journey.

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