Monday, March 13, 2006

Banff..a points disaster

Spent the weekend in Banff with my delightful co workers. It was a prize given to us for being fabulous and making a massive target. We had dinner at The Grizzly House, it was great - not points friendly whatsoever! To top it off had breakfast at Melissa's which is supposed to have the world's greatest eggs benedict. NSV to me for ordering a half was very good.
So today should technically be a chance to start with a clean slate...right? How about no. Met a friend for lunch for some reason chose chocolate milk (which is like what 8pts for 500ml or is it less because it was 1%) , taco salad (7pts) and a nanaimo bar (7pts) . O.K I was talked into the nanaimo bar by the cashier. It is however right now safely enclosed in the mini fridge where it will stay for today. However before that there was donuts in the office and I suffering from breakfast wearing off and decided to have one, forgot about birthday cake for a coworker (had a smidgen).
Now I'm so out of points it's not even funny and do have to eat something tonight from a food court.
Thank "G", I have running room tonight to earn some mega APs. Of course it being the week before TOM, I will want to be a snack banshee...must drink water, lots and lots of water.

At WI on Saturday I stayed the same...again. Had a huge loss of 4.6lbs two weeks ago and now it seems I'm plateauing...I know it's a journey but it's a totally frustrating journey that's for sure.

Right now I pledge to all to get my act together for this week and beyond.

Kudos to everyone who is on this journey


Purl_Princess said...

I love the running room - it's a great way to earn AP's and stay motivated! IS that Pippi Longstocking??

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Yes it is Pippi Longstocking and I totally agree that the running room is awesome!