Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dumbo and Grief, yes it's been an interesting day

I know I've said I had no desire to do the Dumbo Double Dare again, but something happened after Tinkerbell. I got this crazy idea that perhaps I could go for two Coast to Coast medals in 2014.

It sort of started when I saw the Wine and Dine medal at the Tink expo. It's different then one I have from 2012 almost cleaner souped up version.

But then I was conflicted as I was planning on doing the Tower of Terror 10 Miler, so a trip to Disney World in October then November is ludicrous.

I was on my way to work today when I decided if I can get into the Dumbo Double Dare which opened today for registration then Tower of Terror will go to the 2015 list and Wine and Dine will go on to the 2014 list.

When registration opened at 10 am my time I had a heck of time getting access to the website, it kept crashing and then finally I was in and......I registered for my 2nd Dumbo Double Dare. I want a rematch as the last one was right after my Dad died, the weather was super human and I was miserable. This time I want a different ending. I also want a different ending to Wine and Dine, the last time I did it I went back to the hotel afterwards and didn't join the after party, this time I'm partying the night away.

I booked my flight for Dumbo already and now arranging the hotel with my gal at Wishing Well Travel. I'm thinking I'll stay at Grand Californian this time as it's the one Disneyland hotel I haven't stayed in yet.

This afternoon I was off to my first grief counselling appointment.

It was a bit eye opening for me. For one thing I started talking about my mother not my father and burst into tears at the start. I realized I never quite dealt with her passing and that was 12 years ago. The counselor I got who I'll call D, was awesome. She was easy to talk to and I never felt uncomfortable. I didn't realize I had so much inside to get out and all I did was talk.

What I asked for was strategies to get through tough times as in no time I'll be facing the first anniversary of Dad gone in June and April marks the 12th anniversary for Mom.

So I'll meet with D again and then in March I start 6 weeks of group counselling and then meet with D again after that.

I feel like an adventure awaits in two ways. The first way putting my energy into properly training for Coast 2 Coast 2 and in the second way seeing what happens when I let my armor come off a bit and figure out what's going on inside me.

It's been quite a day indeed.

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Jessica said...

Can't wait to read all about your 2014 training and races! Glad your first session went well.