Saturday, January 04, 2014

First weigh in of 2014

I made it to weigh in today though I went to the 2nd morning meeting as opposed to my go to first meeting, the dog just gave me a look this morning that said let's sleep in. It was -22C and we got a fresh dump of snow on top of the record snow fall my city has had before. More snow has fallen so far that we got in total last year.

When I got there I saw there was a line for weigh in which I thought was odd as I expected there would be some new registrations and the meeting after New Year's is typically busy.

However they base their staffing on last week's meeting, so last week's meeting was in the middle of Christmas vacation and apparently 5 people showed up, good on those 5 people. The Simple Start commercial is on heavy rotation and they didn't think maybe we should have more then the leader and one receptionist.

At any rate it seemed people were pretty patient which was good.

Also discovered we have a new leader...again. It looks Sharon who I was a wee iffy about at any rate has decided to move on. I have to give her credit though she led a lot of meetings and had another job on top of that. The new leader was my weigh in person quite often and seems super nice.

I was down .8, which was awesome as I was up 2 when I stepped on the scale shortly after I got back from Japan.

The meeting itself felt off as it wasn't my regular crew and they had the monthly pass on sale. I get the monthly pass and while I was paying it for it with PayPal had no issues with receiving it. Then I had my trouble with PayPal and opted to just use a credit card. Well last month I didn't get the pass in the mail so I had to print the temporary one. Now it's one week till my current pass expires and so far no new pass. Yet the new temporary pass is available online, I've contacted them and hope to get that fixed.

We talked a lot about Simple Start and to me it's Simply Filling and I've always been leery of that as I don't trust myself to eat till satisfied. I'm thinking of giving it a go but still track it.

On Friday I got a new journal for 2014, I had plenty of space left in the old one but 2013 is not a year I want to revisit. I wanted a new start. I want this journal to be the story of my success.

Something new happened this week as well, I went back to work on Thursday and my boss told me about a new job posting in the company. I was surprised by this as I've been in my current role for 6 months and though it has always been described as a "flow through" role as in not one you'd spend years in and the purpose is to move on to something else. The role is a team lead position so it would give me my first opportunity at a leadership role in 5 years at the company. It would mean returning to the team I started with that has changed significantly since I was part of that team. Now there's no guarantee I would get it but of course I don't know that until I apply. I've just had so much change lately that I feel I need consistency, yet the best time to change is when you're in the middle of it. It's not like I can stay in the role I have now for more then a year anyway at least my predecessor didn't. There are changes to the organization that will bring changes to my current group anyway. So do I take a stab at controlling my own fate? This is a little insight into the jumble in my head.

So I talked to a few people to get their opinion and  I'm definitely considering it. It closes on the 9th  I think I will apply and see what happens, it's not that I didn't like working with that team back then it was just 2 years of the same thing so I pursued something different and this new role would be different as well. I still know people in that group. Funnily enough it probably would have been my role had I stayed on that team 2.5 years ago at least my boss at the time I told me that.

I get the feeling 2014 is going to be a very interesting year.

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Dreaming of New Me said...

Good luck with the job application. He must think you have a great chance or he would not have told you about the job. Happy New Year