Thursday, January 09, 2014

8 sleeps to Tinkerbell

I can't believe that tomorrow marks one week till I'm off to Disneyland to take part in the Tinkerbell 10K and Half.

My preparation for this race has been lackluster at best. I know it's primarily due to grief as I've found most regular tasks difficult over the past few months.

So Tuesday  I got on the mat and did some yoga, my right knee didn't like this at all but a bit of Voltaren on it and it was fine.

On Wednesday I hit the treadmill for an hour, I started with run intervals and again right knee felt funny so I dropped to a fast walk and it was fine. My pace was well within what I need to complete Tink.

You know the inaugural Tinkerbell Half was my first RunDisney event, I didn't belong to any facebook groups or even really on twitter. I knew nothing about being swept nor did I worry about it at all.

I started joining Facebook groups with Dumbo.

There are a lot of people in the Tink and Glass Slipper group that are worried about being swept which drives me a little batty. Don't focus on what could go wrong but focus on the positive.

If you think you won't finish - well you won't - it's a self fulfilling prophecy. Focus on the image of that medal around your neck. Perhaps easier said then done but I noticed a difference in  my behaviour during Dumbo now being aware of the sweepers.

On Saturday I'll do one more long run then keep it short to prepare for the race.

That job I was telling you about well they talked to me about it today. It's called a chat as I'm internal but really it was a type of interview. Should know in a few weeks on if that's meant to be as they will see some external candidates which I totally understand you want to see all your options before you make a decision. In the meantime I'm busy with a project that will make for an interesting next few weeks.

Tomorrow I fly to Fort McMurray for a meeting so I need to be up at 3:30 am and I won't be home till about 9:30 pm - it's going to be a long day.

Saturday the 9:00 am weigh in as it's my favourite meeting.

This weekend I need to start packing as I fly back to Fort McMurray on Monday morning, fly back Tuesday night then on Friday fly to LA. Fly home on the Monday - change bags then fly to Fort McMurray for 3 days. Yeah a little crazy with the travel.

I keep thinking about Dopey Challenge 2015, it's on my goal board but I know I need to be in the best shape of my life to complete this. It's a year away so do able.

Alright those are the random musings in my head.

Hope all of you are doing well!!

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Jessica said...

Have fun with your race :)