Sunday, January 26, 2014

RunDisney envy

Hello All,

Well the Tink medals are now at home with the others.

Glass Slipper Challenge is now 4 weeks away and I'll be doing my first post Tink run tomorrow on the treadmill. I took time off to let my chins and right knee like me again.

The problem with belonging to a whack of RunDisney facebook groups is that people are of course excited about upcoming races.

Now I registered for the Expedition Everest 5K as I love that medal and I intend to register for the Tower of Terror 10 miler in October as my goal was to collect every medal at least once.

Last week I registered for a race closer to home and that's the Centaur Subaru Half Marathon which is part of the Calgary Marathon weekend on June 1 (2 days before my birthday)

Disneyland Half registration opens soon but I really have no desire to repeat that one or repeat the Dumbo Challenge. Going through Angels Stadium was fun but beyond that I didn't care for the course or the heat and humidity was awful but I know that's not normal for Disneyland.

What is intriguing me is doing Wine and Dine in November again but I'm not sure. I'm travelling to Disney World in a month, then again in May and then in October, can I swing another trip in November? I saw the medal at Tink and see that's it's different then the one I have.

So far I've trained so so for all the Disney races but for the half in June I intend to give it my all so that's what intrigues me about Wine and Dine, what happens if I do train with complete focus?

I have a goal to do Dopey in 2015 so that's a trip to DW in January and then if this rumored Star Wars race happens at Disneyland in January as well I so need to go to that as I'm a Star Wars geek. Just to do Dopey I need to train seriously and get in better shape.  So my logical brain is saying don't be silly skip Wine & Dine and do it in 2015. The other part of my brain is saying if you can swing it - it's probably not a bad idea to do a half in November in preparation for Dopey. Aaagghhh, I have time to sort this out but the annoying part is registration is so far in advance for the Disney races.

Really I should just focus on Glass Slipper and oh I added the Cinderella 5K to that one. Though my plan is walk the 5K, mostly walk the 10K to keep legs fresh for the half. Register for TOT (Tower of Terror) based on the original plan and take it from there.

What I should have done is planned this year better and bought an annual pass as I'm planning 4 trips but it's too late now as park passes are purchased for Feb and May but it's something to keep in mind for 2015. As I really do like the Tinkerbell course and it's far easier and cheaper for me to get to California.

Thank you for reading the randomness in my head about RunDisney.

I went to weigh in on Saturday and I was down 3.4lb, which is great but also the difference between weighing in at the end of the day vs first thing in the morning. However I'm back to basics and tracking.

Yesterday I went to a turkey dinner that my friends hosted as a bunch of us were away at Christmas. I volunteered to bring dessert.

There was only about third left but happily that stayed with host as I didn't want that temptation in the house. I tossed all the leftover ingredients as I had extra cake and pie filling.

Hope you all had a nice weekend and on to a new week.


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