Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gym bag dilemma

The other day this was on Facebook and I found it pretty funny. Today I did a wintersault. I was walking to the shuttle bus that takes me to the train. I was doing the penguin walk as the ice covered streets now had a fresh layer of snow on top. I call this camouflage snow. I was just at the sidewalk and saw there was no ice and I took a bit of a too big step and whammo! I was down.

Luckily I was wearing a backpack full of gym clothes so that cushioned my fall and all day I felt no effects. Until I got home an laid down in the bath. Oh yeah a wee sore in the upper shoulders and neck. I should count myself lucky as I've only fallen twice this winter and winter hit in October.

Speaking of gym bags I have a hard time with finding what works for me. I know that may sound ridiculous but  I've tried the trendy Lululemon bag (too heavy) and not a fan of one shoulder carrying on packed trains or long walks home, I have lots of backpacks but they were from flying to work when I had to lug a computer, ipad and etc, however as gym bags they're not right it doesn't quite fit my stuff.

So today I got this:

The first thing that caught my eye was purple, I love purple. No computer pocket - Yessss. Mulitple pockets - another Yesssss. The really good thing it's exceptionally light. That's one of things that bugged me about Lululemon the bags alone have a weight to them. Plus I figured I needed a fun colour.

I was planning on hitting the treadmill tonight but then I remembered I have to get up super early to catch a plane tomorrow. It will be an outrageously long day tomorrow. I get on a plane at 6 am and I get on a plane at 7 pm to fly home. I'll be in bed early tonight.

The Marathon Photo photos are starting to come in.

This one was taken during the Cupid Shuffle dance at the start area, I love the RunDisney DJs and this song is also on my run playlist. When I buy race pictures I typically always get the end medal shot and typically one that shows me in action. I think I'll get this as I just look so happy and it's been awhile since I felt happy.

I got a call from my Dad's lawyer today to say the will has cleared probate. Which means one more step has been accomplished. I start grief counselling next week. Which I'm looking forward to, I think it will be good for me and as I never did it with my Mom or had any counselling during my parents break up (which is when the weight gain really began). I'm sure I have issues that need resolving and that counselling will benefit me in the long run.

With the counselling coming up I found my thoughts going to heaven. I do believe in heaven and I know my parents are there but I wanted more info or something. I was on the train home one day sitting next to a woman reading "Heaven is for real" by Todd Burpo so I downloaded it on to my Kobo and I also found "Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander (he's a neurosurgeon). Now let me preface while I believe I know some don't and I strongly believe your entitled to your own beliefs. The reason I picked another book was I wanted to compare details. After reading these it just made me feel a little better. Like Mom and Dad are o.k and happy.

I'm feeling more inspired to be more organized like meal plans and yes training plans. Cereal has quite often been my dinner for sometime as energy to cook was just not there.

My mind keeps going to my goal to do the Dopey challenge in 2015, and while I have the Glass Slipper Challenge in a month, I know I need to start training for Dopey now even before registration. Today I signed up for the Calgary Half Marathon in June - 2 days before my birthday to keep it going.

Disneyland Half registration is coming up. I admit I thought about it but it was so hot and I wasn't crazy about the course I'm going to pass on that one. I have the first Dumbo Challenge medal that's good enough for me.

I am thinking of Wine & Dine again as I noticed the medal changed. I do have a goal to do every RunDisney race at least once so I think Tower of Terror 10 miler will win this year.

I'm also looking forward to going to my regular Saturday WW meeting this week. I promised my leader I'd bring the medals :)



Jessica said...

I lost my Dad seven years ago, but did not go to any grief counseling because I felt I couldn't afford it. But it is something I wish I would have done, and something I still think about doing.

I haven't read either of those books, but may have to look into it.

Jessica said...

If they give you any grief exercises that you feel are very helpful, would you mind sharing?