Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Brrrrr......I hope some of the groundhogs were right

Me, this morning as I was heading out into -34c (with windchill), for my American friends that's -29F.

While being blatantly patriotic I have to say those mittens are awesome. They're from Hudson's Bay and part of the proceeds goes to the Canadian Olympic Team but what I really love is they are super warm.

Where has the week gone? I can't really account for too much other then trying to keep warm.

Two of the Canadian groundhogs say early spring, but at the rate we're going it's rather unlikely.

I did figure out a way to track my training as I've set the goal for so many back to back races. I wrote out all the training plans and colour coded them. So this is an example of a week in June. It would be the 1st week of Wine & Dine training, the 3rd week of Dopey training and the 12th week of Dumbo Double Dare training. They do mesh pretty well. I realize to especially prepare for Dopey I need to build in strength and flexibility which will hopefully also help my shin issues.

I did order a pair of plaid compression socks which will hopefully be here before I leave for Glass Slipper Challenge, I'm thinking more for recovery as I haven't trained with them on.

I was a little worried about hotel accommodations for Dumbo. I contacted my go travel group Wishing Well Travel and got quotes for Disneyland properties well it took a few days for a response and by the time they go back to me there were no spaces left so they booked me into the Anaheim Marriott. Now my go to girl was on a little vacation and while I definitely think she deserves time off I was surprised no one was covering.

I wasn't crazy about the Anaheim Marriott as it's 3 blocks from the park and I prefer to be super close to the start/ finish.  Well thanks to some great friends in the facebook group I checked with Get Travel and shazaam I've got Paradise Pier. Apparently Get Travel has the in with Disneyland races.

Though registration for Wine & Dine is not yet open, I'm tempted to lock down travel details for that trip too.

On the weight loss front I'm tracking steady for 4 days. I was going through my weigh in book and realized I need to be more serious about this as it's been so so and when I'm so so I see so so results.

I started a new spreadsheet where I track daily weights and sort of a historical record of tracking. I'm calling it Project Me.

The gym bag is now regularly coming to work and even better I'm putting the work out clothes on and going into the gym, as opposed to just leaving the bag under my desk. Which I have done.

It's Ninja time, be focused and determined.

Still no word on the job I applied for though they say there might be decision this week.

Tomorrow it's back to the treadmill and I'm loving the new Garmin.


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Jessica said...

Looks like you have some fun and hard training! :)