Thursday, January 02, 2014

Going Home and what I brought back

So this brings me to my very last day in Tokyo which is pretty much till I catch the bus to the airport.

I got breakfast to go as my plan was to just chill in my room till I left. Interesting thing in Japan when you get something to go, they also pack your drink.
 This scone is half the size of the American version and far less sweet as well. It was really good. Remember that Japan has lowest obesity rate. Everything in moderation and when they have a treat it's small and very well prepared.
 Last look out the window

 On the bus for 3000 Yen, $30 as opposed to the crazy cab fare of close to $300

 Kind of wild to see my city on that board
 Found the stores yes there on your way out and there are some really great duty free stores.
 More vending machines but this time water or drinks and ice cream, and apparently squeezable ice cream.

 At my gate, so the flight home was good with the exception of sitting next to a seat hog, so annoying sir keep you knee on your side please. I left at 4pm on the 27th and arrived in Calgary at 9:30am.
Yeah I was tired that's for sure but have since bounced back.

 Flying over the Rockies
Home sweet home

 So this is what I brought home, a Yakuta (spring kimono)

 Silk scarf
 Strawberry Kit Kat
 A knick knack for my desk that says Tokyo

 It was cute and useful
 Fridge magnets and the ninja is going to work as an anchor to get me on track WW wise

 A compact mirror
 The only clothes I bought was two of these heat tech shirts, they're super warm, super thin and breathable hey I do live in winter.
 A New Year's wreath with is a Japanese tradition

 A Japanese fan
 The Disney loot, Mickey and Minnie in Kimonos, the Christmas Mickey and Minnie, the New Year's Mickie and Minnie and the really the only pin I could find - this one is for New Year's
 Wasabi Kit Kat
 Fabric that I plan to frame
 2014 Calendar fabric
 Fan Holder and key chain
 Coffee tumblers from Starbucks, I had planned to just get the Tokyo one but then I saw the Year of the Horse one and I couldn't decide.
 Some J-Pop as I heard it everywhere I went
I got this at a temple, it was just so gorgeous.

I do plan one last post about Tokyo and it's all about the tips I picked up for a first time traveler there after that I promise regular blog posts :)

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