Sunday, May 20, 2012

Step one

I'm a daily weigh in person. Every morning I weigh myself in my pjs and write it in the corner of my tracker. In the past it's kept me focused. I look at it as data.

Today I was 3lbs down from yesterday's WW WI, now my pjs are lighter then my WI uniform so it would actually be down 2 lbs from yesterday's PJ weigh in.

Tracking does wonders as does drinking 9 cups of water. I still got snacky after supper but I tracked every bite.

Today I had absolutely no run mojo. Instead I finished "Weight Loss Boss" and watched the the last two parts of "Weight of the Nation" on HBO.

Major things learned from both those things is I'll need to focus on eating right for the rest of my life. There will be no "cure". The world will conspire against you i.e. aggressive food advertising.

However it's not about will power necessarily it's about controlling my environment.

I'm glad I took today to just chill and refocus my thoughts. Beating ourselves up for falling off the wagon serves no purpose. Shake it off and realign.

I also wanted to creat a tracking strategy today. I've been recording The Revolution on my pvr. I adore Tim Gunn and Harvey Pasternak (Canadian boy). Harvey has been showing a program called 20 days to summer or was it swimsuits. At any rate he's been showing exercises and a food program. His philosophy is to have 5 meals a day part of his other 5factor program.

One thing he said in the last episode made me think. Take your waking hours and divide by 5 that's how often you should eat so breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks.

I used that theory today with my tracking. I know from past experience that when I schedule my meals and sort out the points it's easier for me.

I've done that today and so far so good. I am flying to work tomorrow even though it's Victoria Day. I'm using that day later on to tag on to vacation. I'll be in bed early so after dinner snacking shouldn't be an issue. At camp this isn't hard for me as I'm far from the kitchen.

I also realized I'll be able to weigh in before Vegas. I had thought I'd be missing a WI but my flight gets home in time to make a meeting. Even though that's still a few weeks away I like that I'll have an anchor before heading off for 4 days of fun. I already know I'll pay extra for gym access. Aria has some pretty cool stuff in their spa area.

Next weekend I'm looking forward to see the new renovations in my local gym.

I hope all of you had a lovely Sunday.


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Enz said...

Hope your week goes well.