Friday, May 25, 2012

The call of the tater tot

I was doing so well this week but hit some challenges.

On Tuesday there was Tim Horton's box in the kitchen. I made the very bad decision of opening the box where I found my all time favorite donut - the honey crueller . I ate that thing in probably 60 seconds flat and it wasn't as good as I remembered. That donut is 9 points. Later on absolutely nothing in the camp kitchen appealed to me at dinner so it wound up being fries and gravy, ah I didn't stop there then I had pie. The good part of this story is when I got to my room I changed into workout clothes and walked on the treadmill for 40 min. Running was out of the question as I had just eaten. the other good part is I tracked everything.

I could have gone to the pack lunch kitchen and grabbed something healthier but I

Yesterday was a bit of a challenge as there were lots of treats around due to meetings and good bye parties.

I had my new traditional camp breakfast of a poached egg on toast. The poached eggs were next to the tater tots. I love tater tots. When I worked in Calgary one of my favorite fast food places is Taco Time and their mexi-fries aka tater tots. Now I rarely have them out and instead sometimes have them at home but baked not fried.

On Wednesday I asked for 5 tater tots. The server lady said she'd give me 6 with a little smile. I ate 4 of them. I had to shake my head a little on the exchange. When we offer food or to share food it's not necessarily a good thing. It comes from a good place but one doesn't have to eat it.

The good news I'm still down from the last weigh in.

Today got my hair trimmed in preparation for Vegas and went grocery shopping. I do have a plan for the next 3 days at home. The plan is to stay on p,an this weekend as well.

I tried on last summer's shorts and 2 pairs fit. 2 pairs are too small.. Le sigh and yet more inspiration to keep on track. So I might need to buy new shorts but at least I know I have two pairs that will fit a few pounds from now. This is me trying to stay positive.

Back slides happen. The defining moment is what you do next - continue to slide or get up and keep go forward. I'm going forward.

Enjoy your Friday.


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deanna said...

go forward! :) I like that.