Monday, May 21, 2012

So far so good

Day 3 of re-committing myself to Weight Watchers. The scale is heading in the right direction. Water intake has been stellar. Tracking is focused.

Tonight I got in 1hr of activity and it went like this according to my Polar HR monitor.

Badminton: 44:37min, 324 cal burned, HR 129-145
Rowing Machine: 27:10min, 306 cal burned, HR 165-179

My new co- worker is a former Canadian badminton champion so I'm learning loads. Tonight I learned the term " badminton butt" apparently due to all the lunging tones the patootie. I despise lunges so I'm not so great at that part but I'm improving.

The rowing machine was a spur of the moment decision. I left badminton and was going to go back to my camp room but then decided to double back and squeak in more workout time.

I was shooting for 5000 meters. I did do that back in the day of using a trainer. I petered out with 1200 meters to go. I forgot what a full body workout the rower is. So I discovered a new goal of hitting 5000 meters.

First thing when I got to work today I pulled out my WW 10% key chain with my 25lb charm and clapping hands and put right in front of me on my document holder. Now I've put 10lbs back on so the battle is on.

I'm now watching American Ninja Warrior that I found by accident. These people are crazy fit and maybe a wee crazy I.E parcour, climbing walls and etc. It's also inspiring.

Alright I have a question for those who blog using an iPad, What app do you use? I don't mind the blogger plus app I use now but the inserting pictures isn't so great. Do you guys have any suggestions.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Monday!


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Fatoutofskinny said...

Blogger + is what I use. Yes the photo part is a bit of a pain, but they make improvements all the time to the app maybe eventually they'll make that part better too.
Good luck with your rowing machine goal.