Friday, May 18, 2012

Lawn mower drama

So last Saturday my lovely neighbours helped me buy a new lawn mower. They helped me get the thing home. Well on Sunday I attempted to mow and the thing would not start. Of course the customer service dept. was only available Mon-Fri.

I paid just under $400 smackeroos for this cordless electric mower so I was a wee disappointed.

Today I decided to try again but nothing so I phone the customer service people and she walks me threw some trouble shooting. She told me that there's one piece on the handle that sometimes gets bumped in shipping that prevents the mower from starting so if I bend it back a little with pliers it should work.

I then hunted for pliers and couldn't find any I suspect my Dad took them home with him so I try with gardening shears (yeah I know but I had the girl on the phone). I thought I had bent it a bit but the mower still wounldn't start. She gave me the number of the repair place.

I phone the repair place and the guy tells me that he's seen one of these mowers recently with the same problem and the culprit was that metal piece.

Well then I decided to bob down to Walmart buy a new pair of pliers and try this again. Sure enough, I bent that piece of metal a bit and shazaam working mower.

Wow it's so different from my gas one. My gas one is ancient and it's always an exercise to get it started and then a lovey plume of smoke comes out. This was so light and way more quiet.

Now apart from the lawnmower olympics the week went fast.

I attempted setting my alarm early to go to the gym but everytime I did that I had crappy sleep and just got up when I normally do.

I'm thinking I could adjust my schedule a little so I'm not setting the alarm for 4am to hit the gym. Also very soon the treadmill 4 doors down from my camp room will be operational and way more convenient.

I decided to weigh in tomorrow morning as my day was sucked up by lawn mowers. I had intended to go to the gym afterwards but the gym is closed. They're taking advantage of the Victoria Day long weekend to finish some renos so it will be up to me to figure something out.

Speaking of workouts in my quest to find camp room friendly workouts I'm going to give Harvey Pasternak's workout a try. It seems pretty straightforward and not a huge time investment.

I need to super charge my efforts as Vegas is 4 weeks away...

Hope your week went well.


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Enz said...

How was your weigh in? Hope you are having the same glorious SUMMER weather we are having in the GTHA.